Research Overview:


Stacy Davis is a Research Associate for Dr. Jane Mangold. She assists with research on integrated weed management on rangelands in Montana containing invasive plants. Recent research projects include the impacts of invasive annual grasses on rangelands, Canada thistle and field bindweed control in perennial and annual cropping systems, and how hoary alyssum management practices affect seed biology and control. Stacy received her master’s degree from the Department of Ecology at MSU in 2013. Her master’s work focused on how timing of cattle grazing affects plant and insect communities at a National Wildlife Refuge in southwestern Montana.


Recent Publications:

Menalled U, Davis S, Mangold J. 2018. Effect of herbicide management practices used by invasive plant managers on Berteroa incana (hoary alyssum) seed biology and control. Invasive Plant Science and Management11(2), 101-106. doi:10.1017/inp.2018.15

Mangold JM, Fuller KB, Davis SC, Rinella MJ. 2018. The economic cost of noxious weeds on Montana grazing lands. Invasive Plant Science and Management, 11(2), 96-100. doi: 10.1017/inp.2018.10

Davis S, Mangold J, Menalled F, Orloff N, Miller Z, Lehnhoff E. 2018. A meta-analysis of field bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis) management in annual and perennial systems. Weed Science66(4), 540-547. doi:10.1017/wsc.2018.25

Davis S, Mangold J, Menalled F, Orlof, N, Miller Z, Lehnhoff E. 2018. A meta-analysis of Canada thistle (Cirsium arvense L.) management. Weed Science, 66(4), 548-557. doi: 10.1017/wsc.2018.6