Due to recent changes at the MSU bookstore, we will now be listing required texts on this page, as soon as we have them from faculty. We know students have been frustrated by the organization at the bookstore, the delays when books are posted on the MSU Bookstore's website for courses each semester, and knowing what your purchasing options are.

We've listened, and this page is an attempt to provide students with as much notice regarding which books will be required for Political Science courses. Until further notice, please view the information on this page as supplemental to any available information on the MSU Bookstore's website.

Please note that all ISBNs provided on this page are for either paperback copies or Inclusive Access. Electronic and hardcover texts have unique ISBNs for the same book so be aware of that when you are shopping. You should be able to find all purchasing options using the ISBNs provided. Amazon lists used and new copies for example and the Publisher's websites will give options for all versions of the text EXCEPT INCLUSIVE ACCESS! 

Remember, there is no need to purchase a text if your instructor has decided to use an Inclusive Access text. 

General textbook purchasing advice

  1. As of right now, the MSU Bookstore will still be stocking physical texts for our courses. However, please be aware that you are free to purchase or rent them from any retailer you prefer. Electronic texts are always an option if the publisher provides them.
  2. Please remember that the MSU Bookstore has decided to organize textbooks by alphabetically by author's last name. You will not find your required texts in the bookstore using department or course information.
  3. If the textbook or course materials you purchase is shrinkwrapped or sealed, please hold onto your original receipt and do NOT open anything until you get to class. The bookstore will not accept the return, even with your original receipt. 
  4. The last day you will recieve a refund if you need to return books, is two weeks after classes start, with your original receipt.
  5. Do not purchase a different version, edition, or title without checking with the instructor first.

Inclusive Access (IA)

If your instructor has opted to offer Inclusive Access texts for their class, there are a few things you need to know. Inclusive Access is usually the most affordable option for students, and ensures instant access to materials on the first day of class. No more waiting for books to be stocked in the bookstore or dealing with supply chain and shipping delays.

  1. All course materials are electronic and have been automatically loaded into D2L for that specific course. You will not find that specific title in the bookstore for purchase, but your instructor may have other required books or materials, so please check your syllabus, the bookstore's website or this page.
  2. All Inclusive Access texts are charged to your student account, but you may opt out for any reason if you do so by the 15th day of the semester during fall and spring. You must opt out by the 2nd day of classes during summer session.
  3. Some publishers offer a discounted, loose leaf text for purchase in addition to Inclusive Access. If you are interested in this option, please talk to the instructor for the class. These will NOT be available in the bookstore and we will likely need to help you contact the publisher directly.

To opt out of Inclusive Access texts:

  • Click the Redshelf link in D2L
  • Click the hyperlink underneath "View Course Materials that says 'view course details to opt out of course materials'"
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the grey button that says "I want to opt out of access for all required materials for this course"
  • Follow the instructions on the box that pops up to complete the opt out process.

Summer 2022

Class Number

Title Instructor






PSCI 210IS-801

Introduction to American Government Brian Munis NO TEXT REQUIRED


PSCI 339-801 Culture, Ideology and Prisons Karen DeVries

Abolition Democracy

ISBN: 9781583226957

Davis, Angela Y.

5th Edition

Penguin/Random House

Are Prisons Obsolete?

ISBN: 9781583225813

Davis, Angela Y.

3rd Edition

Penguin/Random House

Inventing the Savage

ISBN: 9780292770843

Ross, Luana

April 1998

University of Texas Press

New Jim Crow

ISBN: 9781620971932

Alexander, Michelle

10th Anniversary Edition

The New Press
PSCI 454-801 Cinema and Political Theory Eric Austin



PSCI 530-801 Tools of Public Administration Eric Austin




Fall 2022

Class Number Title Instructor





PSCI 210IS-001 Intro to American Government

David Parker

By The People: Debating American Government

ISBN: 9780197545829

Morone, James A., Kersh, Rogan

Brief 5th edition

Oxford University Press
PSCI 230D-001 Intro to International Relations

Sara Callow

Essentials of International Relations

ISBN: 978039876604

Mingst Karen


WW Norton
PSCI 240-001 Intro to Public Administration

Sara Callow

PSCI 250-001 Intro to Political Theory Sara Rushing

Ideals and Ideologies, A Reader

ISBN: 9780367235055

Ball Terence, Dagger Richard, O'Neill Daniel

11th Edition

Taylor & Francis
PSCI 302-801 & 802 Media and Politics

Jessikay Bennion

Media Politics: A Citizens Guide

ISBN: 9780393664874

Iyengar, Shanto

4th Edition

W.W. Norton
PSCI 306-001 Legislative Process David Parker

Battle for the Big Sky

ISBN: 9781483368634

Parker, David C.W.

15th Edition


Congress Reconsidered

ISBN: 9781544345017

Lawrence, Evans C.

12th Edition

CQ Press/Sage

The Gingrich Senators: The Roots of Partisan Warfare in Congress

ISBN: 9780199307463

Theriault, Sean

1st Edition

Oxford University Press
PSCI 323-001 Modern Political Thought Sara Rushing

Modern Political Thought

ISBN: 9780872208971

Wootton, David (Edited)

2nd Edition

Hackett Publishing Company
PSCI 390R-001 Research Methods Katie Gahagan

Introduction to Research Methods

ISBN: 9781483386959

Pajo, Bora

1st Edition

Sage Publishing
PSCI 407-001 Public Policy Analysis Eric Raile

Public Policy: Politics, Analysis, and Alternatives

ISBN: 9781544374611

Kraft, Michael E., Furlong, Scott R.

7th Edition

CQ Press/Sage


PSCI 429-001 National Security Policy STAFF

Essence of Decision

ISBN: 9780321013491

Allison, Graham T., Zelikow, Philip

OUT OF PRINT, find a used copy


Dereliction of Duty: Johnson, McNamara, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Lies That Led to Vietnam

ISBN: 9780060929084

McMaster, H.R.

May 1998


Ghost Wars: The Secret History of the CIA, Afghanistan, and Bin Laden, From the Sovient Invasion to September 10, 2001

ISBN: 9780143034667

Coll, Steve

December 2004

Penguin/Random House

Not One Inch: America, Russia, and the Post-Cold War Stalemate

ISBN: 9780300259933

Sarotte, M.E.,

August 2022

Yale University Press
PSCI 437-001 International Political Econ STAFF COMING SOON! COMING SOON!
PSCI 461-001 Administrative Law Jerry Johnson NO TEXT REQUIRED NONE
PSCI 553-001 Research Methods Belou, Becca

Social Research Methods

Bryman Alan, Bell Edward, Reck Jennifer, Fields, Jessica

ISBN: 9780190853662

US 1st Edition

Oxoford University Press
PSCI 554-001 Foundations of Public Administration Eric Austin

Bureaucracy and Self Government

ISBN: 9781421415529

Cook, Brian J.

2nd Edition

Johns Hopkins University Press

Classics of Public Administration

ISBN: 9781305639034

Shafritz, Jay M., Hyde, Albert C.

8th Edition

Cengage publishing

New Public Service

ISBN: 9781138891258

Denhardt, Janet V., Denhardt, Robert B.

4th Edition

Taylor & Francis
PSCI 558-001 Public Organization Dynamics Eric Austin

Organization Theory and Governance for the 21st Century

ISBN: 9781604269840

Austin, Eric K., Parkes Pershing, Sandra

February 2017

PSCI 591-001 SP: Social Movements LIsa Upson

The Social Movements Reader: Cases and Concepts

ISBN: 9781118729793

Goodwin, Jeff

3rd Edition

Wiley & Sons
PSCI 595-001 Capstone Professional Portfolio Stephanie Gray NO TEXT REQUIRED NONE