The Political Theory Consortium is a student-founded club that meets every other week during the semester to discuss readings or films through the lens of political theory. Over the past five years, we have spent semesters focused, among other topics, on:

  • Reading chapter by chapter through Sheldon Wolin’s book Democracy Inc.
  • Watching and discussing films like “Hannah Arendt," "You Don’t Know Jack" (about Dr. Kevorkian and the right to die movement), and the Robert Reich documentary, "Inequality for All."
  • Reading "Detroit" (its recent bankruptcy, history of white flight, motor city legacy, music, school system, and the new entrepreneurial privateers driving the city’s so-called salvation) as a microcosm of neoliberal rationality at work in the United States
  • Reading about pressing contemporary political issues like the racialized prison industrial complex, the concept of the Anthropocene, and "Why not socialism?"