Core 2.0 Curriculum Committee (C2)

AY15-16 Membership; Updated October 2015

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Name Position Department Term# Ends
Larsen, Ron Chair Academic Affairs - ----
Oswald, Amaryllis Member Students 1 8/16
Downs, Doug Member English 1 ----
Higgs, Megan Member Quantitative Reasoning 2 8/18
Notess, Greg Member Library 1 8/16
Everts, Michael Member Faculty 2 8/18
Donnelly, Diane Member University Studies - ----
Vacant Member Research/Creativity Steering Com. Chair - ----
Vacant Member CIS Steering Committee Chair - ----
Catoira, Patricia Member Inquiry Steering Committee Chair - ----
Vacant Member University Seminar - ----
Cohen, Susan Member Diversity Steering Committee Chair - ----
Vacant Member Teaching And Learning Committee - ----


Provide broad faculty leadership for the core curriculum as a whole and a forum for discussion of issues that impact all elements of the core.




Voting Members: Four faculty chairs of steering committees. Three Faculty/staff representing remaining core areas: writing, quantitative reasoning, and university seminar. Two additional at-large members selected from faculty to ensure broad representation. All positions appointed by Associate Provost from college dean and Faculty Council nominations. Student representative appointed by ASMSU.

Length of Term

Faculty: Three years, renewable, staggered
Student: One year, renewable


Current -- Ron Larsen
Title -- Associate Provost
Appointed By -- Position
Length of Term -- Term of office

Advisory To

Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost

Reports Due

As requested

Mechanism for Changing This Information

Inquiry Committee
Research/Creativity Committee
Diversity Committee
CIS Committee