AY19-20 Membership


Name Position Represents
Austin, Eric Chair Faculty Senate
Brody, Michael Member Faculty Senate
Mokwa, Robert Member Administration
Eitle, Tami Member Academic Affairs
Taylor, Leslie Member Legal Council
Singel, David Member Academic Affairs
Heard, Julie Member Administrative Support - Administration
GreyGilbert, Jeannette Member Academic Human Resources


The JAGS will conduct preliminary evaluations of proposals and establish a review process or pathway of action for each proposal, which may include:

  1. Further development of the proposal by a joint working group or the Faculty Affairs Committee. A working group, often the Faculty Affairs Committee, is used when the proposal involves substantial revisions to an existing policy or if the JAGS anticipates significant changes to the submitted proposal.
  2. Recommend the proposal be sent to Faculty Senate or Deans Council for review and evaluation. This option may include minor editing by the JAGS.
  3. Recommend the proposal be sent back to the originating body with specific requests for revisions.



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