AY18-19 Membership; Updated September, 2018


Name Position Department Term# Ends
Eitle, Tamela Chair Academic Affairs - ----
MacDonald-Peck, Erin Ex officio Office of the Dean of Students - ----
McCormick, Erin Ex officio Allen Yarnell Office of Student Success, Disability Services - ----
Ogata, Jody Ex officio Office of the Registrar - ----
Joseph Schumacher Ex officio Veteran's Services - ----


Administers policies regarding academic probation and suspension, in conjunction with the college scholastic committees. This committee has the authority to (1) require a student to transfer out of a curriculum, (2) suspend a student from the University at any time for scholastic reasons, and (3) reinstate a student who has been suspended for scholastic reasons.


End of each term


Voting Ex Officio Members: Associate Provost; Assistant Dean of Students; Assistant Director of the Allen Yarnell Office of Student Success; Director of Disability, Re-Entry and Veteran's Services; Assistant Dean of the academic college for each student whose case is being considered; Director, University Studies.
Nonvoting Ex Officio Members: Representative from Registrar's Office serves as consultant.

Length of Term

Term of office

Appointed By



Current -- Tamela Eitle
Title -- Interim Associate Provost
Appointed By -- Position
Length of Term -- Term of office

Advisory To

Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

Reports Due

Suspension lists forwarded to Financial Aid, Residence Life and Student Affairs; minutes of scholastic meetings are forwarded to the Registrar, Student Affairs, Financial Aid, Residence Life, and the dean of each academic college.