9:00 am

Headshot of Wendy Stock

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Welcome & Sampling of Economics Research at MSU

Wendy Stock, Montana State University


Mark Anderson, Montana State University


Isaac Swensen, Montana State University

9:30 am

David Reiley headshot

Silicon Valley Experimentation: Big Data and Causal Inference

David Reiley, Sirius XM Pandora


LINH 406


10:30 am

Garret headshot

Reproducible Research with Free Federal Data

Garret Christensen, FDIC

11:15 am

Brian headshot

Using Historical Data in Economics Research

Brian Beach, Vanderbilt University


LINH 406

Lunch & Small Group Discussions

12:45 pm

LINH 406

Q&A, Wrap Up

Wendy Stock, Montana State University

1:00 pm

LINH 406