1. Log into MyInfo using NetID and password.
  2. Select the Faculty Services tab.
  3. Select Section Add Approval. The classes you are assigned as instructor to will populate.
  4. Select the "Add" button.
  5. Enter the student's last name. All active students with that last name will appear with their GID. Select the student you'd like to add.
  6. Indicate reason for override by selecting from among the list provided.
  7. Select “Process.”
  8. Click "OK" to the confirmation dialog box.

The student and the instructor will receive an automated email when the student has been successfully added to the class.  Please allow 2 business days for processing.

Click here for step-by-step MyInfo instructions:

  1. Log into MyInfo using NetID and password
  2. Select the Advising Services tab
  3. Select Late Drop Menu
  4. Enter the student’s full name or GID (including the dash). This will pull up  the student’s current registration from banner
  5. Select the class (and associated lab/recitation, if necessary) the student would like to drop
  6. Select submit
  7. Add note in student’s DegreeWorks profile indicating drop has been approved and submitted .

The Advisor, the student, and the instructor will receive an automated email when the student has been successfully dropped from the class.  Please allow 2-3 business days for processing.

What Happens When a Student Requests a Drop?

When a student initiates a drop request with an advisor to be dropped from your class, you will receive a notification prompting you to reply with the student’s last date of attendance which is federally mandated.  The timing of this notification allows you to intercept the student (see details below). If you have no objections to the student dropping the class, please reply to [email protected] with the student’s last date of attendance.

Example notification of drop request:

screenshot of drop request

How Do I Place a "Hold" on a Drop Request?

You might run into a situation as an instructor where you’d like to ask the Registrar’s Office to hold off on processing the students drop request.  Two examples that come to mind:

  1. In an instance of academic dishonesty, you do not want the student to be able to drop the class as the student conduct code allows you to grade the student accordantly.
  2. In an instance where the student didn’t do well on the first exam and perhaps panicked, and you would like to discuss their opportunities for success before they withdraw.

On the Faculty Services tab, you’ll be able to see students who have open drop requests submitted to drop your class.  You can access this information by clicking “Show” next to your course.

screenshot of placing a hold on a drop request


By clicking “Place Hold on Request,” an email will be sent to the Registrar’s Office alerting us that we need to contact you and the student’s advisor to discuss the situation.  We’ll work collaboratively from there to process the request accordingly.

Individuals can be assigned as 0% instructor to courses to assist faculty in managing enrollment.  Once an individual is assigned as an instructor, they’ll be able to submit add requests and will be included in all add and drop notifications associated with the class.  As a reminder, the University is required to report last date of attendance for federal financial aid.  Therefore, the primary instructor must respond to drop notifications associated with their courses so that we can record the student’s last date of attendance in banner. Given this, we do not recommend that faculty responsible for teaching the course opt out of email notifications.

However, if 0% faculty members do not want or need these notifications, they can opt out of receiving them.  At any time, they can opt back in to receiving notifications should their role or responsibilities change.  To access this function, click on the Faculty Services Tab followed by Late Add/Drop Notification Opt Out in MyInfo.  You can then select which courses you’d like to receive notifications for and which courses you’d like to opt out of receiving notifications.

screenshot of how to opt out of email notifications


If a student needs to add a course after the 10th semester day or drop a course after the withdrawal deadline for extraordinary reasons, please direct them to DocuSign to initiate this process.

Spring 2023 Registration (Add/Drop) Schedule


Part of Term Term Start Date Last Day to Add Online Last day to add Last day to drop online Last day to drop w/o a W Grade†  Last day to drop with a W Grade†  Term End Date
Full Semester 18-Jan 24-Jan 31-Jan 31-Jan 7-Feb 19-Apr 11-May
Early Start 11-Jan 13-Jan 19-Jan 19-Jan 24-Jan 28-Feb 3-Mar
First Session 18-Jan 20-Jan 25-Jan 25-Jan 30-Jan 6-Mar 10-Mar
First 5 Weeks 18-Jan 18-Jan 19-Jan 19-Jan 20-Jan 2-Feb 22-Feb
Late Start 30-Jan 3-Feb 10-Feb 10-Feb 17-Feb 1-May 11-May
Middle 5 Weeks 23-Feb 23-Feb 24-Feb 24-Feb 27-Feb 10-Mar 5-Apr
Last 10 Weeks 27-Feb 1-Mar 6-Mar 6-Mar 9-Mar 20-Apr 11-May
Intersession 13-Mar 15-Mar 20-Mar 20-Mar 23-Mar 27-Apr 11-May
Second Session 20-Mar 22-Mar 27-Mar 27-Mar 30-Mar 4-May 11-May
Last 5 Weeks 6-Apr 6-Apr 10-Apr 10-Apr 11-Apr 24-Apr 11-May
Spring Forward 6-Mar 8-Mar 20-Mar 20-Mar 23-Mar 27-Apr 11-May
Dual Enrolled 18-Jan           9-Jun
OTD 18-Jan 24-Jan 31-Jan 31-Jan 7-Feb 19-Apr 11-May
Combined 18-Jan 24-Jan 31-Jan 31-Jan 7-Feb 19-Apr 11-May
† 2 signatures required              
** Meets during spring break            

Spring 2023 Semester Withdrawal Refund Schedule

Part of Term Term Start Date Term End Date 100 % Refund Through  90% Refund  75% Refund  50% Refund  0 % Refund From 
Full Semester 18-Jan 11-May 17-Jan 18-Jan - 24-Jan 25-Jan - 31-Jan 1-Feb - 7-Jan 8-Feb
Early Start 11-Jan 3-Mar 10-Jan 11-Jan - 13-Jan 14-Jan - 19-Jan 20-Jan - 24-Jan 25-Jan
First Session 18-Jan 10-Mar 17-Jan 18-Jan - 20-Jan 21-Jan - 25-Jan 26-Jan - 30-Jan 31-Jan
First 5 Weeks 18-Jan 22-Feb 17-Jan 18-Jan  19-Jan 20-Jan 21-Jan
Late Start 30-Jan 11-May 29-Jan 30-Jan - 3-Feb 4-Feb - 10-Feb 11-Feb - 17-Feb 18-Feb
Middle 5 Weeks 23-Feb 5-Apr 22-Feb 23-Feb  24-Feb 27-Feb  28-Feb
Last 10 Weeks 27-Feb 11-May 26-Feb 27-Feb - 1-Mar 2-Mar - 6-Mar 7-Mar - 9-Mar 10-Mar
Intersession 13-Mar 11-May 12-Mar 13-Mar - 15-Mar 16-Mar - 20-Mar 21-Mar - 23-Mar 24-Mar
Second Session 20-Mar 11-May 19-Mar 20-Mar - 22-Mar 23-Mar - 27-Mar 28-Mar - 30-Mar 31-Mar
Last 5 Weeks 6-Apr 11-May 5-Apr 6-Apr  10-Apr  11-Apr  12-Apr
Spring Forward 6-Mar 11-May 5-Mar 6-Mar - 8-Mar 9-Mar - 20-Mar 21-Mar - 23-Mar 24-Mar
OTD 18-Jan 11-May 17-Jan 18-Jan - 24-Jan 25-Jan - 31-Jan 1-Feb - 7-Feb 8-Feb
Combined 18-Jan 11-May 17-Jan 18-Jan - 24-Jan 25-Jan - 31-Jan 1-Feb - 7-Feb 8-Feb
Dual Enrolled