After receiving a registration PIN from their advisors, students can generally manage their enrollment through MyInfo and CatCourse Scheduler (for more information, please visit the Registration Information website). Sometimes students need instructor approval to add a class. Instructors can authorize an override of a pre-requisite, course cap or time conflict. They may also authorize a student to add their course after the deadline has passed for students to self-add online. To drop a class after the self-drop deadline, students need to consult an advisor. Details on these processes can be found below.

  • To ADD a class when you cannot complete the process through MyInfo or CatCourse Scheduler,contact the instructor of the class you’d like to be added into. To locate instructor information, find the class on the Schedule of Classes in MyInfo.
  • To DROP a class:
    • Start with your assigned academic advisor, unless your department has shared a different process with you.
    • Students must receive advisor approval. It is important that you reach out to them well in advance of the deadline to ensure you have time to complete the withdraw before the deadline.
    • If you have recently changed majors or are unable to connect with your advisor, see the Undergraduate Advisor Contacts website.
      • Graduate students should reach out to their home department to confirm their advisor.
    • If dropping to zero credits after bill confirmation has taken place, fill out the university withdrawal request form online.

Before adding or dropping a summer course, please review the rules associated with the part of term the course is associated with.  Each part of term has specific registration deadlines defined in the table below.

To find the part of term your course is associated with, navigate to the Schedule of Classes for Fall 2023.  Look up the course you’ve registered for.  You can find the part of term your course is associated with in the far-right column.

Part of Term Example


OTD Dates for Fall 23

AC 506-801 is in the Second Half Session Date Semester Session and has the following registration rules (see part of term below in bold):

Part of Term Term Start Date Last Day to Add Online Last Day to Add with Approval † Last Day to Drop Online Last Day to Drop Without a W Grade† Last Day to Drop With a W Grade † Term End Date
Full Semester 23-Aug 29-Aug 6-Sep 6-Sep 13-Sep 15-Nov 14-Dec
Early Start 16-Aug 18-Aug 23-Aug 23-Aug 28-Aug 2-Oct 6-Oct
First Session  23-Aug 25-Aug 30-Aug 30-Aug 5-Sep 9-Oct 13-OCt
First 5 Weeks 23-Aug 23-Aug 24-Aug 24-Aug 25-Aug 8-Sep 27-Sep

Late Start

5-Sep 11-Sep 18-Sep 18-Sep 25-Sep 4-Dec 14-Dec
Middle 5 Weeks 28-Sep 28-Sep 29-Sep 29-Sep 2-Oct 13-Oct 1-Nov
Last 10 Weeks 2-Oct 4-Oct 9-Oct 9-Oct 12-Oct 16-Nov 14-Dec
Intersession 9-Oct 11-Oct 16-Oct 16-Oct 19-Oct 30-Nov 14-Dec
Second Session 16-Oct 18-Oct 23-Oct 23-Oct 26-Oct 7-Dec 14-Dec
Last 5 Weeks 2-Nov 2-Nov 3-Nov 3-Nov 6-Nov 27-Nov 14-Dec
Dual Enrolled 23-Aug 29-Aug 6-Sep 6-Sep 13-Sep 15-Nov 14-Dec
Out of Date 23-Aug 29-Aug 6-Sep 6-Sep 13-Sep 15-Nov 14-Dec


If a student wanted to add this course on Oct. 18 or earlier but could not do so online (registration error appeared such as Consent of Instructor or a Time Conflict), the student would reach out to the instructor to be added. If he/she wanted to add it  Oct. 19 - 23 , instructor approval would be needed. From Oct. 24 -Dec. 7 , instructor, advisor and assistant dean approval would be needed to add for extraordinary reasons via DocuSign. If a student wanted to drop this course, he/she could do so online through Oct. 23. From Oct 24 - Dec. 7 , advisor approval would be needed. From Dec. 8 - Dec. 14, instructor, advisor and assistant dean approval would be needed to drop for extraordinary reasons via DocuSign.

Need help? Please contact the Registrar’s Office at [email protected].