Graduation and Admission Requirements Committee (GARC)

The Graduation and Admission Requirements Committee (GARC) considers petitions from students seeking waivers of established admission and graduation requirements. The Committee is composed of the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs (chairperson), the Registrar, the Director of Admissions, and the Assistant Dean of the College in which the student is enrolled.

Filing a Petition

Students requesting a waiver of graduation or admissions requirements may submit a petition to the Registrar’s Office. Such requests must be accompanied by: i) a completed GARC Petition Form, signed by the student’s academic advisor and the Assistant Dean of the College of the student’s curriculum; and ii) a letter to the GARC Committee. Students are encouraged to retain a copy of all documents submitted to the Committee.

The student’s letter must contain the following information:

  • Date of the request
  • Student’s full legal name
  • Student’s mailing address and student e-mail address
  • Student ID number
  • Student’s College/Curriculum
  • A description of the petition (e.g., what is being requested)
  • The basis for the request
  • Student’s signature

At their discretion, student’s may submit additional documentation that they believe is relevant to their request, such as transcripts, course descriptions, letters from the Office of Disability Services when the request is related to a disability accommodation, etc.  The Committee may request additional documentation from the student, or solicit input from University personnel, in evaluating the petition.

Once the petition is received, the Committee will review the information and notify the student if the petition is granted or denied, and the basis for the decision. This will take up to four weeks.The GARC finding is the final campus decision.

For questions please contact:

Registrar's Office
Phone: (406) 994-6650