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Information for Current and Returning Graduate Students 

Current students and returning Graduate students who have attended go through the Graduate School Office of Admissions. Montana Universtiy System Residency Policy is established by the Board of Regents.  Individuals are encouraged to read the full policy (Montana Residency Policy).  For specific processes, deadlines, forms and guidance please review the information below.


Members of the Graduate School Residency Review Committee: 


Melis Edwards 

Director of Graduate Admissions 

   Montana Hall 120
   (406) 994-6329
   [email protected]

Danica Weitz

Graduate Admissions Coordinator

    Montana Hall 120 
   [email protected]


Board of Regents Policy 

The full residency policy as set by the Montana Univeristy System Board of Regents here.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore some of the most commonly-asked questions about the residency policy and requirements.


Required Documents

When Petitioning for in-state residency you must include the following documentation. 

Student Residency Questionnaire (REQUIRED)

This required eight-page document, provided by the Board of Regents, needs to be completed and signed by the individual petitioner. The information provided in your Residency Questionnaire must be verifiable.