Meet the Montana State University Office of the Registrar Staff! For general questions, E-mail or call (406) 994-6650.
Tony Campeau
Tony Campeau-MS 
Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management
Phone: (406) 994-2604
Candice Gresswell
Kandi Gresswell-EdD
Interim Registrar/Director of Enrollment Services
Phone: (406) 994-2603 
Ashley Irion
Ashley Irion-BS
Associate Registrar
Phone (406) 994-5524
Jessica Baker
Jessica Baker-BS
Systems Support Specialist
Phone (406) 994-5089
Merry Bruce
Merry Schlenker Bruce-BS
Academic Auditor/Advisor
Phone: (406) 994-5272
Jessi Cannaday
 Jessi Cannaday-BA
Academic Auditor/Advisor
Phone: (406) 994-5518
Mariah Meyer
Mariah Cantrell-BS
Academic Auditor/Advisor
Phone (406) 994-7743
Kelsey Green-MA
Program Manager
Phone (406) 994-4420
Veronica Jordan
Veronica Jordan-AAS
Academic Auditor/Advisor
Phone: (406) 994-4161
Shelburn Murray
Shelburn Murray-AS
Academic Auditor/Advisor
Phone: (406) 994-4162
Nancy Pedersen
Transcript Clerk
Phone: (406) 994-5521
Tim Rivers portrait
Timothy Rivers-BS
Reporting Systems Analyst
Phone: (406) 994-3091
Nicole Virtue
Nicole Virtue
Academic Auditor II
Phone: (406) 994-7785
Andrew Waters
Drew Waters-BA
Academic Auditor/Advisor
Phone: (406) 994-5519