Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Montana State University

EE475:  Hardware and Software Engineering for Embedded Systems

Fall Semester 2004
Section 1 (CRN 70807), Tuesday and Thursday 9:00-9:50AM, RobH 319
LAB:  Section 2 (CRN 70814), Tuesday 2:10-4:00PM, CobH 601 (LAB)

Prof. Robert C. Maher
529 Cobleigh Hall, 994-7759, [email protected]


Course Syllabus
(policies, grading, dates, etc.)
Course Notes (updated 12/13/2004)
(topics, assignments, lecture comments, etc.)

The final exam scores and course grades are now ready.  I will send you instructions via email on where to view the grades.

I truly enjoyed teaching this class this semester.  You are a fine group of students, and it was indeed a pleasure to work with all of you in the classroom and the lab.

Please accept my best wishes for a relaxing and enjoyable holiday season.

R.C. Maher