For staff

MSU staff members should ask their unit's telephone coordinator to fill out a TNSR (Telephone and Network Services Request) form* with UIT Telephone Services, including all the details that need to be updated. Once UIT completes the updates, this new information will be reflected in the directory search.

* This form is only accessible from the campus network - if you are off campus, you'll need to connect over the MSU VPN to gain access.

For faculty

If you are a member of an academic department, any updates you make directly to your Activity Insight account will be reflected in the main MSU directory search results within 24 hours. More information about the Activity Insight powered directory system is available here.

If you are not within an academic department or your department is not yet live with the Activity Insight directory, follow the procedure described above for staff (using a TNSR form).

If you are not sure which method is appropriate, please submit a help ticket to Web & Digital Communications and we'll get right back to you.