Chemical inventory management is a necessary part of ensuring a safe work area.  Safety & Risk Mangaement is responsible for maintaining accurate chemical inventories, which are a requirement of federal and state regulations.

SciShield ChemTracker is a centralized web-based Chemical Inventory Program, which will assist researchers and laboratory staff with managing their chemical information.  This program allows lab personnel to add, delete, modify and track their inventory online, as well as prepare reports.  Safety & Risk Mangement will search for specific chemicals  to identify safety issues and run regulatory reports, with an effort to remain in compliance with federal and state regulations.


    Using Google Chrome

           Access Your SciShield ChemTracker Account


Please utilize these two quick start guides:


Frequently Asked Questions: 

To set up your account, send an email to [email protected] with your name, your PI's name (Principle Investigator), and the building name and room number where your lab is located.

SciShield ChemTracker has the ability to search the chemical inventories of other campus laboratories. Laboratories may share infrequently used chemicals, or redistribute surplus chemicals.

The chemical inventory management system requires that all hazardous chemicals are entered into the SciShield ChemTracker system.  Hazardous chemicals may be defined by any of the following standards:

hazardous chemicals icons

Hazard information can be found directly on the product pages of vendor websites and online catalogs.  The chemical must be entered into the SciShield ChemTracker system, if the safety information appears on the product page and one of the following hazard pictograms is present.

hazardous chemical icons

If safety information is not apparent on the product page, then you will need to review the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for the product - a link to the SDS is often on the product page.  SciShield ChemTracker also provides the SDS look up within the system.

Chemicals and other supplies that do not meet the definition of a hazardous chemical are not required to be entered into the SciShield ChemTracker system.  See "How Do I Identify A Hazardous Chemical?" 

Currently the SciShield program does not allow for individuals to view another laboratorie's inventory to ascertain what chemicals they have stocked in the laboratory. Only SciShield administrators are able to see the inventory of the entire campus. If you would like to know if another laboratory has a chemical that you need to use you will need to send an email to the department/college asking for the other laboratorie's to check their inventories and let you know if they have the chemical you need.

For additional questions, please contact the Safety & Risk Management Chemical Safety Team for assistance:

Cody Ragan [email protected] 

First - refer to the (2) PI Quick Start Guides provided above.  If you have additional questions or feel an in-house tutorial would benefit you, feel free to contact us! 

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