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Policy: Emergency Plan Program

Responsible Party: Director, Safety and Risk Management

Revised: 3/05/2021

Effective date: 7/1/2013

Review date: 3/05/2024

Introduction and Purpose

Safety and Risk Management is committed to protecting MSU’s people, property and assets. This is accomplished through partnerships with campus stakeholders, along with programs that assist with health and safety, compliance, risk management and insurance.

This program document offers guidelines and best practices to avoid loss due to cold weather.


100.00 GENERAL

The Office of Safety and Risk Management (SRM) partners with the University Police Department’s Director of Emergency Management to assist in the preparation, mitigation, response, and recovery from emergencies.


310.00 Director of Emergency Management

  1. Maintain and update the overarching MSU Emergency Operations Plan that is an ‘all hazard’ plan covering potential emergencies and recommended response protocol.
  2. Maintain records of training/drill/exercises related to emergency management.

320.00 Safety and Risk Management

  1. Assist Building Supervisors in developing Emergency Response Plans (ERP) – essentially building evacuation plans -- for all assembly, residence, academic, and research buildings at MSU.
  2. Maintain all ERPs.
  3. Review all ERPs with respective Building Supervisors annually.
  4. Maintain records of training/drills/exercises coordinated through SRM.

330.00 Building Supervisors

  1. Work with MSU Fire Marshal to develop ERP for all assembly, academic, and research buildings at MSU.
  2. Review all ERPs with SRM annually.
  3. Maintain records of trainings/drills/exercises coordinated and/or executed outside of SRM (i.e. Family Housing)


  • Emergency Operations Plan: University wide plan for emergencies
  • Emergency Response Plan (ERP): Building plan for Emergency Evacuations and Procedures


Emergency Response plans are created and reviewed at the specific building with the building supervisor or their designee to reflect changes in building personnel or building systems. A review of the ERP is performed post-training, drills, and exercises for accuracy.


Occupant training and fire drills are conducted annually in academic buildings, four times per year in residence halls, and each quarter in buildings were the main use of an assembly occupancy (Stadium, Field House, Strand Union, & Rene Library) along with a post-drill debrief and plan review. Training of Resident Assistants (RA) occurs annually.

APPENDIX A: Supporting Procedures and Programs

MSU Emergency Operations Plan & Continuity of Operations Plan
Individual Building Emergency Response Plans