What Training Do You Need?

Compliance training is determined by your work duties and the associated risks and hazards.  You can contact SRM and we will help you assess your training needs.  Please use this worksheet to help you with the basics, but a conversation is recommended.

Your health and safety training may include classes provided by SRM, and also by the Office of Research Compliance (ORC), as they have training for biosafety and radiation safety.

Health & Safety Training

NetID Access Required

Classroom Biosafety &
GHS/OSHA HazCom Training

Course Schedule & Sign-Up for a Combined Biosafety and GHS/OSHA HazCom Training.

*Biosafety Training Must be Done In-Person or Through CITI*


Large Vehicle Training

State Training for Drivers of Vehicles
Carrying >7 People.
Please choose "Drivers Safety for Campuses"

CPR/AED/First Aid In-Person Classes

Schedule for In-Person Training