Limited to MSU Employees & Student Employees

What Training Do You Need?

Compliance training is determined by your work duties and the associated risks and hazards.

The on-line Job Training Requirements system (linked below) helps you perform a job hazard analysis by asking you a series of questions about your work.

Upon submittal, the system will e-mail you and your supervisor with the training courses you need to take to perform your job in both a safe manner, and also in compliance with relevant Federal and State regulations.

To assess your training needs, click here, and sign in using your NetID and password.

For user instructions, click here.

As you complete your training courses, you can log into the system and enter completion dates, so your supervisor can verify that you've completed all required courses.

SRM offers three different types of trainings:       

  1. American Red Cross Certification: CPR/AED and Standard First Aid for the workplace (Classroom/Hands-On Training for Employees and Student Employees Only).  Certification provided - free of charge
  2. Classroom/Hands-On Training: Common classes are Fire Extinguisher Safety, Laboratory Safety, Ladder Safety, Defensive Driving, Supervisor Safety Orientation, etc.

                Call 994-2711 for questions.

       3. Online Training (BLR Employee Training Center) offering workplace safety, occupational health, and laboratory safety training courses.

    • **PLEASE NOTE: This link will take you to a general log in page.
    • At the login enter username: 6450632 & password: 59718.

                *After you log in and choose a course you will enter your personal information for record keeping*

Biosafety & Hazard Communication Training

MSU Vehicle Use Training 

For a flow-chart of required, recommended and available training options (and direct links to all options), please see our Interactive Vehicle Use Flow Chart .

Flow chart to identify which driver training is necessary.  Call 994-7760 if you need Defensive Driver Training
  • If you have a question regarding your training records, please contact the Lisa Dorn (994-7870).

Downloadable Training Roster

Blank training roster to record trainings, and to submit to SRM.