Welcome to the Diversity and Inclusion Student Commons! 

A commons is a place - physical or intellectual - where culture, space, and community converge. The name: Student Commons reflects MSU's commitment to inclusion, aligns with the diversity and inclusion framework, and represents the collective and collaborative way the university addresses inclusion. The Diversity and Inclusion Student Commons promotes inclusion and understanding of difference, supports students from underrepresented identity groups, and encourages critical thinking about diversity topics.


The mission of the MSU DISC is to increase understanding, promote inclusion, and inspire critical thinking about diversity, as well as to provide support for those who identify with a wide range of diverse identity groups.  

DISC response to COVID-19

As per guidance of the CDC and for the safety and well-being of our staff and students, the DISC has expanded its meeting options to accommodate for different needs and comfort levels.

Please know that the work of the Diversity & Inclusion Student Commons will not stop!

During this period, we are enhancing our digital outreach and network, thus to grow the impact of our organization and continue fulfilling our mission of inspiring critical thinking about diversity, promoting inclusion, and supporting students from a wide-range of identity groups.

For more information and updates on MSU's response to COVID-19, please visit the MSU COVID-19 webpage. 

Schedule a Meeting: In-person or Virtual

Social distancing and masks are appreciated during in-person meetings.

Student staff are available for walk-in consultations and inquiries during the following weekly times in our student DISC space on the third floor of the SUB, room 368:

Mondays: 8a - 2p

Tuesdays: 10a - 4:30p

Wednesdays: 8a - 1:30p

Thursdays: 9a - 4p

Fridays: 9a - 3p

Our Program Manager is available weekdays from 8:30a to 5:30p in her office, SUB 286.

If you would like to speak directly with someone in the DISC, please reach out via email to make an appointment. We will set-up an in-person or virtual meeting as soon as possible and at your convenience.

General Diversity Inquiries - [email protected]tana.edu 

LGBTQ+ Student Support - [email protected]

Inclusion, Empathy, and Support for Vulnerable Populations

In an unprecedented time of uncertainty, the DISC would like to remind its partners and contacts that not all people will experience this pandemic in the same way. We encourage our community to reach out about any personal or communal concerns that exist at this time.

The DISC acknowledges that this pandemic worsens many existing systems of oppression such as racism, ageism, and ableism in our country. We would like to empower our community to combat and challenge these systems. Please notify us in the event that we can help.

Finally, we encourage our community to practice empathy. Many of us are concerned about keeping our families, ourselves, and loved ones safe. 

There is a non-MSU group working to support residents in need in the greater Bozeman community. You may consider filling out this form if:

  1. You are in need of support during this time
  2. You are willing to volunteer to help vulnerable populations receive basic needs such as groceries, medications, etc. 

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