Kyle Amstadter
Mechanical Engineering
Mentor: John Hooton, Media & Theatre Arts
Project: Biased portrayals
Matthew Annala
Political Science
Mentor: David Schrupp, Political Science
Project: Wessies oder ossies? The evolution of the power structure in Eastern Germany
Rebecca Baril
Mentor: Sue Blodgett & Andrew Lenssen, Entomology
Project: Species distribution and parasitism of Lygus in Montana canola fields
Mira Bednarek
Liberal Arts
Mentor: Beth Quinn, Sociology & Anthropology
Project: A systems analysis of the Gallatin County Drug Treatment Court
Robert Boren
Mentor: David Klumpar, Physics
Project: Scientific payload development for the Maia satellite project
Kayley Brieske
Mentor: Wes Lynch, Psychology
Project: Sexual abuse as a predictor of eating disorders in American Indian and Caucasian adolescents: Study of existing databases
Breeze Briggs
Mentor: John Amend, Chemistry
Project: The development of modeling of a science community in rural Native American schools via chemistry and technology profession development
Gina Burleson
Horticulture, Landscape Design
Mentor: Suzanne Mikelson, Plant Sciences
Project: Effects of coal bed methane discharge water on barley germination and growth

Krista Cooperstein

Mentor: Paul Stoodley, Center for Biofilm Engineering
Project: Proteomic comparison of biofilm vs. detached methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
Matthew Crawford
Mentor: Katherine Gauss, Veterinary Molecular Biology
Project: Identification of a TNF-a responsive region within the p67 phox promoter
Bridgid Crowley
Mentor: Trevor Douglas, Chemistry

Chemical modification of heat shock protein

Cale Davis
Computer Engineering
Mentor: Charles Kankelborg, Physics
Project: Multi-order slitless EUV spectrograph (MOSES)
Michael Dean
Environmental Design
Mentor: Bill Rea, Architecture

Applied design: A creative study in furniture design

Erica Dobbs
Mentor: Uvidelio Castillo, Plant Sciences

Biochemical studies of secondary metabolites from endophytic fungi that produce taxoid-like compounds

Conrad Donovan
Electrical Engineering
Mentor: Zbigniew Lewandowski, Center for Biofilm Engineering

3-dimensional biofilm image analysis

Laura Eaton

Laser detection of bees for locating explosives

Laura Eaton
Mentor: Barry Pyle, Microbiology
Project: Comparison of exotoxin A production by Pseudomonas aeruginosa deletion mutants
John Gilmore
Mentor: Martin Lawrence, Chemistry
Project: Cloning, expression and purification of proteins of SSV1
Theodore Hanson
Environmental Biology
Mentor: Michael Ivie, Entomology
Project: Exploration and description of new species of Oligocene insects from the Canyon Ferry Lagerstatte of Montana
Bill Heiselmann
Media & Theatre Arts
Mentor: Dennis Aig, Media & Theatre Arts
Project: Cape Town
Crystal Hepp
Mentor: Marcella McClure, Microbiology
Project: Reverse transcriptase database update and mouse genome parsing project
John Kinross-Wright
Mentor: John Sherwood, Plant Sciences
Project: Cloning and testing expression of farnesyltransferase genes from U. hordei, T. tritica, and T. indica
Michelle Melby
Mentor: Martin Teintze, Chemistry
Project: Development of HIV vaccines based on the interactions between the HIV gp 120 and the CD4 receptor
Jarred Myers
Chemical Engineering
Mentor: Zbigniew Lewandowski, Center for Biofilm Engineering
Project: Reproducibility of P. aeruginosa biofilms
Sara Nichols
Mentor: Mark Young, Plant Sciences

Studies in the chemical crosslinking and stabilization of CCMV

Scott Patterson
Mentor: James Schmitt, Earth Sciences
Project: Alluvial fans and their role in preserving ancient human and bison remains along Marias River
Skyler Pauli
Mentor: Thomas Kalakay, Earth Scien
Project: Anaconda extensional terrane
Leah Schillo
Mentor: Clarann Weinert, Nursing
Project: Use of technology to support isolated rural women with chronic illness

Michael Schmidt

Computer Engineering
Mentor: David Klumpar, Physics
Project: Power microcontroller for the Maia satellite

Gary Schoep

Computer Engineering
Mentor: Robert Gunderson, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Project: Sensor fusion by fuzzy logic inference machines for autonomous robots
Jason Scott
Mentor: Charles Kankelborg, Physics
Project: Visualization, test and validation of a novel magnetic field modeling algorithm
Christopher Seftick
Environmental Sciences
Mentor: Cathy Zabinski, Land Resources and Environmental Sciences
Project: Spotted knapweed and arbuscular mycorrhizae: Response to clipping intensity in the field
Jana Smith
Community Health
Mentor: Suzanne Christopher, Health & Human Development
Project: Messengers for health training workshop
Jeremy Smith
Fish & Wildlife Management
Mentor: Billie Kerans, Ecology
Project: Effects of New Zealand mud snail on the diet of rainbow trout
Joshua Spuhler

Biomedical Sciences
Mentor: Mark Young, Plant Sciences
Project: Identification of new hyperthermophile and virus-like particles in Yellowstone National Park

Jay Stringer

Mentor: David Singel, Chemistry
Project: The kinetics of the reactions of nitric oxide and human hemoglobin
Ellen Swogger
Chemical Engineering
Mentor: Mark Pasmore, Center for Biofilm Engineering
Project: Bacterial biofilm in mouse sinusitis
Tai Takenaka
Mentor: Steven Swinford, Sociology
Project: Influence of media on core cultural values in the Monteverde region of Costa Rica
LeRoy Verwolf
Computer Science
Mentor: David Klumpar, Physics
Project: Maia-nanosat project, data recovery
Brian Wasicek
Mentor: David Sands, Plant Sciences
Project: Optimization of protein production and efficacy
Justin Whisenhunt
Computer Engineering
Mentor: David Klumpar, Physics
Project: An exploration into efficient serial communications for the Maia nanosat
Nathan Winward
Computer Science
Mentor: Richard Smith, Physics
Project: Simulated atomic structures