Theo Lipfert

School of Film and Photography
Teaches virtual reality creation techniques for use in film.

Hunter Lloyd

School of Computing
Teaching virtual reality creation and use for gaming.

Doralyn Rossmann

Explores and supports VR applications in teaching and research. Primary contact for Library's Virtual Discovery Space.

Laura Stanley

School of Computing
Researches use of VR technologies for health professions and in patient treatment.

Mike Wittie

School of Computing
Researches and teaches VR and AR in computing.


Colin Smith

Academic Technology & Outreach
Primary contact for Teaching, Learning, and Technology (TLT) studio in Barnard Hall.

Ben Hager

Secondary contact for Montana Virtual Reality Lab in Cheever Hall.

Jonathan Hilmer

University Information Technology
Secondary contact for Montana Reality Lab in Cheever Hall.

Coltran Hophan-Nichols

University Information Technology
Primay contact for Montana Reality Lab in Cheever Hall.