Spring 2024 Graduate Tutors 


Graduate writers are not limited to working with our graduate tutors only. Our undergraduate peer tutors frequently work with graduate-level writing too! You can learn more about our undergraduate tutors here.


Erin (E.M.C.)


Pronouns: She/Her  

Major: Masters in Marriage, Family, Couples Counseling and Addictions Counseling 

Earned a BSBA in Marketing and Communications from University of Denver, 2008. 

Some subjects/courses taken: Counseling Theories I/II, Ethics, Appraisal, Research and Evaluation, Theory of Addiction, Career Counseling, Multicultural Awareness, Diagnosis and Mental Health 

Strengths as a Tutor 

  • Reading for clarity of language, idea flow, concept organization, and APA formatting  
  • Articulating research in a clear and accessible way and preparing for defense delivery 
  • Facilitating writing groups and generating useful peer feedback  
  • Developing and honing personal statements, cover letters, grant submissions, and essays for medical school 

A Little Bit About Me: Beyond the confines of academia, I am an avid reader, backcountry traveler, baker, and adventure seeker. I try to use my body in the wild as much as possible. I have lived around the globe and love interacting with people from all walks of life. I view writing as an arduous journey, each step can provide insight for future endeavors. I enjoy collaborating with writers and find the process begins with a relationship to writing and with the writer. I look forward to learning about the diverse disciplines and studies represented at MSU! 

Therese (T.A.)


Pronouns: She/Her 

Major: Statistics 

Some subjects/courses taken: Statistics 

Strengths as a Tutor

  • Brainstorming, organizing, outlining, and finding relevant resources 
  • Presentations including data visualizations and graphics  
  • Research related documents, CVs/resumes, cover letters  

A Little Bit About Me:  I am a Graduate Tutor at the Writing Center pursuing a Statistics Master’s degree. Outside of academics, I love exploring new cities along with attending local farmers markets. As a tutor, I view the writing process as a fun and creative journey that results in the ability to share ideas and stories. My writing experience consists of working with data and communicating complex ideas to a general audience. I look forward to working with you!