What this resource is about:

This resource offers guidance for students who are looking to create effective research posters. Tips and examples are included, as well as links to websites with additional information and advice. 

Questions to ask first

  • What is the most important finding/point from my research? 
  • How can I best communicate my findings visually?
  • What is necessary for this poster to stand alone, if needed?

Poster Essentials

  • Graphs, charts, and images 
  • Readable font: should be visible from 6-10 ft away 
  • Bullets and headers 
  • Logical flow of info that allows eyes to follow naturally 

Pleasant poster qualities 

  • White space  
  • Graphics that help convey information 
  • No more than three different fonts 
  • Left or fully justified text 
  • Word count between 250 - 800 
  • Light background with dark text

Questions to ask last 

  • Does your poster answer these questions? 
    • Why is this important?
    • What methods did I use?
    • What have I found and/or added?
    • Where does this research go next? 
  • Have I used graphics, shapes, arrows, and images effectively and clearly?
  • Have I kept it simple?
  • Have I acknowledged sponsors?
  • Have I shared my poster with others and gotten their opinions?

Additional Links for Research Posters: 

Overall Design: http://www.personal.psu.edu/drs18/postershow/ 

Simple Steps: https://ugs.utexas.edu/our/poster 

PowerPoint Poster Template: https://www.posterpresentations.com/free-poster-templates.html