Cicindela purpurea

Cicindela purpurea is also known as the cow path tiger beetle. There are several color forms of this species (see below). The adult is 12- to 16-mm long. Both the larva and adult are predators of other insects. As with most tiger beetles, larvae and adults can be found on porous soils with patchy vegetation.  

Order: Coleoptera
Family: Carabidae
Species: Cicindela purpurea

Photograph: © 2016 RKD Peterson
Date of Photograph: 4 April 2016
Location: Montana, Gallatin Co. (45o51'30" N 111o27'15" W)
Collected by CR Brown

Cincindela purpurea

Cicindela purpurea, black form. © 2016 RKD Peterson