Choose from more than 225 respected academic options in high-demand fields.
Key to areas of study
M Major (shown in bold)
MT Teaching major
MO Major option
mi Minor
miT Teaching minor
SP Specialized program


College of Agriculture
Agricultural Business M   mi  
Agribusiness Management   MO    
Farm & Ranch Management   MO    
Agricultural Education MT      
Agricultural Education Broadfield Teaching MT      
Agricultural Relations   MO    
Animal Science M   mi  
Equine Science   MO    
Livestock Management & Industry   MO    
Biotechnology M      
Animal Systems   MO    
Microbial Systems   MO    
Plant Systems   MO    
Environmental Horticulture M   mi  
Environmental Horticulture Science   MO    
Landscape Design   MO    
Environmental Sciences M      
Environmental Biology   MO    
Soil & Water Sciences   MO    
Geospatial & Environmental Analysis M      
Land Rehabilitation M      
Natural Resources & Rangeland Ecology M   mi  
Rangeland Ecology & Management   MO    
Wildlife Habitat Ecology & Management   MO    
Plant Science M      
Crop Science   MO    
Plant Biology   MO    
Sustainable Food & Bioenergy Systems M      
Agroecology   MO    
Sustainable Crop Production   MO    
Sustainable Livestock Production   MO    
Special Programs/Selected Minors        
Entomology     mi  
Genetics     mi  
Pre-Veterinary Medicine       SP
Arts & Architecture
Architecture (Environmental Design)1 M      
Art M      
Art Education K-12 Broadfield Teaching MT   miT  
Art History   MO mi  
Graphic Design   MO    
Liberal Arts Studio   MO    
Studio Arts   MO    
Film & Photography M      
Film   MO    
Photography   MO mi  
Music M   mi  
Music Education MT      
Music Technology   MO    
Jake Jabs College of Business & Entrepreneurship
Business M      
Business Administration     mi  
Accounting2   MO mi  
Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management     mi  
Finance   MO mi  
International Business     mi  
Management   MO    
Marketing   MO    
College of Education, Health & Human Development
Community Health M      
Early Childhood Education & Child Services M      
Elementary Education K-8 MT      
Early Childhood Education   MO    
Mathematics   MO    
Reading K-12     miT  
Science Education   MO    
Special Education   MO    
Family & Consumer Sciences MT      
Food & Nutrition M      
Dietetics   MO    
Nutrition Science   MO    
Health Enhancement K-12 (Health & PE) MT      
Coaching     mi  
Health & Human Performance M      
Exercise Science   MO    
Kinesiology   MO    
Secondary Education MT      
General Science Broadfield Teaching MT      
Social Studies Broadfield Teaching MT      
Agricultural Education Broadfield Teaching MT      
Art Education K-12 Teaching MT   miT  
Biology Teaching MT   miT  
Chemistry Teaching MT   miT  
Earth Science Teaching     miT  
Economics Teaching     miT  
English Teaching MT      
Family & Consumer Science Teaching MT   miT  
French K-12 Teaching MT   miT  
German K-12 Teaching MT   miT  
Government Teaching     miT  
History Teaching MT   miT  
Mathematics Teaching MT   miT  
Music K-12 Teaching MT      
Physics Teaching MT   miT  
Reading K-12     miT  
Spanish K-12 Teaching MT   miT  
Sustainable Food & Bioenergy Systems M      
Sustainable Food Systems   MO    
Technology Education M      
Industrial Technology   MO    
Technology Education Broadfield Teaching MT   miT  
College of Engineering
Bioengineering M      
Chemical Engineering M      
Civil Engineering M      
Bio-Resources Option   MO    
Computer Engineering M   mi  
Computer Science M   mi  
Interdisciplinary Option   MO    
Professional Option   MO    
Construction Engineering Technology M      
Land Surveying     mi  
Electrical Engineering M   mi  
Financial Engineering M   mi  
Industrial Engineering3 M      
Mechanical Engineering M      
Mechanical Engineering Technology M      
Special Programs/Selected Minors        
Aerospace     mi  
Materials     mi  
Mechatronics     mi  
Military Aerospace Studies - Air Force ROTC       SP
Military Science - Army ROTC       SP
Honors Program       SP
College of Letters and Science:
Humanities & Social Sciences
American Studies M      
Anthropology M   mi  
Economics M   mi  
Economics Teaching     miT  
English M      
English Teaching MT      
Literature   MO mi  
Writing   MO mi  
History M   mi  
History Teaching MT   miT  
Japan Studies   MO mi  
Museum Studies     mi  
Science, Environment, Technology & Society   MO    
Liberal Studies M      
Environmental Studies   MO    
Global/Multicultural Studies   MO    
Quaternity   MO    
Modern Languages and Literatures M      
China Studies     mi  
French & Francophone Studies   MO mi  
French K-12 Teaching MT   miT  
German Studies   MO mi  
German K-12 Teaching MT   miT  
Hispanic Studies   MO mi  
Japan Studies   MO mi  
Latin American & Latino/a Studies   MO mi  
Spanish K-12 Teaching MT   miT  
Philosophy M   mi  
Political Science M   mi  
Government Teaching     miT  
International Relations   MO    
Policy & Analysis   MO    
Political Institutions   MO    
Political Theory   MO    
Pre-Law (L & S)       SP
Psychology M   mi  
Applied Psychology   MO    
Psychological Science   MO    
Religious Studies M   mi  
Sociology M   mi  
Criminology   MO    
Special Programs/Selected Minors        
Native American Studies     mi  
Women's & Gender Studies     mi  
College of Letters and Science:
Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Biological Sciences (Ecology) M      
Biology Teaching MT   miT  
Conservation Biology & Ecology   MO    
Fish & Wildlife Management   MO    
Organismal Biology   MO    
Genetics     mi  
Cell Biology & Neuroscience M      
Biomedical Sciences   MO    
Chemistry M   mi  
Chemistry Teaching MT   miT  
Biochemistry   MO mi  
Earth Sciences M      
Earth Science Teaching     miT  
Geography   MO    
Geology   MO    
GIS/Planning   MO mi  
Paleontology   MO    
Snow Science   MO    
Water Resources     mi  
Mathematics M   mi  
Applied Mathematics   MO    
Mathematics Teaching MT   miT  
Statistics   MO mi  
Microbiology M   mi  
Biotechnology   MO    
Environmental Health   MO    
Environmental Microbiology   MO    
Medical Laboratory Science   MO    
Pre-Medicine/Pre-Health Professions       SP
Physics M   mi  
Interdisciplinary   MO    
Physics Teaching MT   miT  
Special Programs/Selected Minors        
Astrobiology     mi  
Nursing M      

1 Master of Architecture one additional year
2 Master of Professional Accountancy one additional year
3 Master of Industrial Engineering one additional year


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