The NASC Steering Committee would like to acknowledge the following individuals and groups for their assistance in the construction, pre-testing, re-construction, and analyses of the surveys.

Susan Alt - Director, Employee Relations

Assessment & Outcomes Committee

Assistant Dean's Council

Carol Bittinger - Chair, CEPAC

John Borkowski - Associate Professor of Statistics

Ralph Brigham - Director, Career Services; Professional Staff Representative on SPBC

Classified Staff in Montana Hall

Cathy Conover - Director, University Relations; former Director, Employee Relations

Core Curriculum Committee

Diane Edwards - General Studies

Connie Hupka - Former Chair, CEPAC

Cel Johnson - Director, Institutional Research

Courtney Kellum - Statistics graduate student

Peter Kommers - Chair, Faculty Council; Faculty Representative on SPBC

Professional Staff in Montana Hall

Beth A. Quinn - Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Erin Pasha - Accounting undergraduate student

Rik Scarce - Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Yurii Shvetsov - Statistics graduate student

Students in Statistics 510: Statistical Consulting Seminar

Russ Walker - Associate Dean, College of Letters and Science

Roz Wortman - Post Office; Classified Staff Representative on SPBC