NASC requires the assessment of our general education curriculum. To assist in this process, three surveys were administered: the 1998 Faculty Survey, which contained a section on the Core Curriculum; the Core Curriculum Student Opinion Survey, given to students in 1998; and the 1997 Core Curriculum Survey for Core course instructors.

Within the following links you will find the results from these three surveys. The Faculty Survey asked specific questions on the effectiveness and number of credits required for each Core area. Also asked were questions about possible exemptions, upper division Core requirements, and re-assessment of the Core Curriculum.

The Core Curruculum Student Opinion Survey asked questions directed at students' self assessment of their knowledge, skills, and abilities as a result of taking MSU Core classes. This survey was adminstered to nearly 1500 MSU students.

The Core Curriculum Survey given in 1997 asked those teaching Core courses to reply to questions relating both to the General Criteria and Specific Criteria in particular Core areas. These criteria are used by the Core Curriculum Committee to evaluate the validity of proposed Core courses.