Lab Members

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Assistant Professor

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PhD Student

Facilitation by ecosystem engineering aquatic insects

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Heidi Anderson

MS Student

Population dynamics and phenology of giant salmonflies 

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Michelle Briggs

MS Student

Ecology of amphipods in Yellowstone Lake

Mike MacDonald

Michael MacDonald

MS Student

Impacts of animal ecosystem engineers on hydrology

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Holden Reinert

MS Student

Impacts of beaver dam analogs on aquatic ecosystems

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Maggie LaRue

Undergraduate Research Assistant
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Zach Maguire

Undergraduate Research Assistant
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Chet Stefan

Undergraduate Outreach and Videography Assistant


ADVANCE Project TRACS film on broadening STEM women faculty at Montana State University


Past Lab Members

Charlotte Hoover, Research Technician

Andrew Horvath, Research Technician

Tanner Cox,  Undergraduate Research Assistant

Cailey Philmon, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Nate Beckman, Research Technician

Niall Clancy, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Chelsey Rasmussen, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Yuka Tsutsui, Lab Technician