Staff and Cadre


LTC Hugh

Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Hugh

Department Head
Professor of Military Science
MS IV Instructor
American Military History Instructor


CPT Brice Westhoven

Captain Brice Westhoven

Assistant Professor of Military Science
MS III Instructor

CPT Kelly Barone

Captain Kelly Barone

Assistant Professor of Military Science
MS II Instructor


Master Sergeant Michael Byrne

Senior Military Science Instructor
Ranger Advisor


SFC Torren Kern

Sergeant First Class Torren Kern

Military Science Instructor
MS I Instructor



Sergeant First Class Joel Pitsch

Montana Army National Guard
Advisor - Recruiter


2LT Spencer Monahan

Second Lieutenant Spencer Monahan

Gold Bar Recruiter


Mr. Brent Reinhardt

Scholarship & Enrollment Officer


Mike Hedegaard

Mr. Mike Hedegaard



Ms. Jennifer Vranish

Human Resource Technician



Mrs. Mary (Mo) Harbac

Supply Technician




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