Q: How do I make my event a ChampChange event?

A: There is an Event Submission link to the MSU COPE Calendar system at the bottom of this webpage. As you complete the COPE form, click the ‘ChampChange: Submit for consideration to earn ChampChange points’ box. If you are uncertain of the points leave TBD in the points box. We will review your submission and if approved you will receive a confirmation e-mail and the ChampChange logo will be added to your event on the calendar.

Q: I would like to submit an event but do not want it listed on the MSU Calendar.

A: Click the ‘this event is private’ box on the COPE form.

Q: How do I record attendees to my event?

A: The method used will depend upon the expected number of attendees and support that your event will have.

  • Portable CatCard readers (or Ipads): Used if a large number of attendees are expected. They will be available after 10:00 am on the day of the event at the front desk of the AYCSS. When you pick up the reader the log book must be signed and the reader returned the day after the event. If you have not used a reader before we will give you instructions. You are responsible for the reader and liable for replacement in the event of loss or damage. Duplicate student swipes will not be loaded to Cattracks.
  • Sign-In Sheets: If there is a small number of attendees we can e-mail you a ChampChange sign-in sheet. This will require attendees to write (legibly) their first and last name, last 4 digits of their GID, and their e-mail address. We will verify this information against Cattracks and will manually load them the information to Cattracks. In the event that we are unable to verify the student’s information they may not receive their ChampChange points.
  • Coupons: For some events AYCSS will print coupons to hand to students who attend the event. These contain a unique code which can be loaded to Cattracks but will only be valid for a limited time. Students will not be able to use a sign-in sheet and enter a coupon for the same event. Unused coupons must be destroyed promptly.
  • E-mail: If there are a small number of students you may send an e-mail to champchange@montana.edu with a list of attendees. This must contain their first and last name, last 4 digits of their GID. If we unable to verify the information (for example incorrect GID) points may not be loaded for a student.

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