Wednesday, August 1, 4:00-4:30, SUB Ballroom C, Theme: Partnership

The presentation is about the work of the Rural Schools Collaborative in the areas of rural teacher corps, place-based education, rural school/community partnerships, and community/school based philanthropy opportunities.  The session will concentrate on creating positive relationships with schools and the local community.  Rural districts are as diverse as the communities they serve. Still, rural school districts have common themes: community hubs, student participation and ownership, center for arts/activities and catalysts for much of our economic growth. Successful rural teacher corps programs in Alabama, California, and Missouri will be presented.  Place-based education encourages teachers and students to use the schoolyard and community places into classrooms.  What is the role of our youth in our rural communities? Community-based philanthropy presents real economic development possibilities for our small rural towns and schools.  Educators need to strengthen the bonds between the school and communities they serve to survive.

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