John Pegg
Professor John Pegg
Director, SiMERR National Research Centre
School of Education
University of New England, Armidale
 Armidale, Australia

John Pegg began his career as a secondary mathematics teacher. Currently, he is Professor and Foundation Director of the National Centre for Science ICT and Mathematics Education for Rural and Regional Australia (SiMERR National Research Centre) based at the University of New England, Armidale, Australia. His work is far-ranging, and he is known for his contribution to theory-based cognition research in Mathematics Education and Assessment, especially linked to the SOLO Model. He is a Chief Investigator for the brain-based, Australian Research Council Australian Science of Learning Research Centre based at the Queensland Brain Institute, Brisbane, Australia.

John advocates for equality of educational learning outcomes for students and teachers regardless of their geographic circumstance.He has strong links with schools, professional teaching associations, and educational authorities in Australia and overseas, as a consultant/evaluator in a diverse range of educational contexts. He recently completed a five-year term as the Minister’s nominee on the peak education body in New South Wales.

In the past few years John has been team leader on many significant large-scale Australian and International projects linked to: underachieving learners in basic Mathematics and Literacy, state-wide diagnostic testing in Science, developmental-based assessment and instruction, validation of the Australian National ProfessionalStandards for Teachers, investigating school faculties achieving outstanding student-learning outcomes (ÆSOP study), and promoting system-wide quality reforms in teacher education in the Philippines through the establishment of the Philippine National Research Centre for Teacher Quality (RCTQ) and the development into policy of the Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers (PPST).

Allen Pratt
Dr. Allen Pratt
Executive Director
National Rural Education Association
University of Tennessee, Chattanooga
 Chattanooga, United States

Simone White
Professor Simone White
Assistant Dean (International and Engagement)
Faculty of Education
Office of International and Engagement (Education),
Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane
 Brisbane, Australia

Sweeney Windchief
Dr. Sweeney Windchief
Assistant Professor (Adult & Higher Education)

Adult & Higher Education
Montana State University, Bozeman

 Bozeman, United States