Friday, August 3, 4:30-5:00, SUB Ballroom B, Theme: Partnership

What would it look like to build a national, coordinated effort to recruit and retain teachers in rural schools?  In this session, we will explore a new, collaborative effort, designed to do just that.

As national partners aligned around the goal of building better futures for rural schools, the NREA, Rural Schools Collaborative, and TNTP are teaming up to share the framework of a forthcoming national rural teacher talent strategy.  As part of this strategy, we are developing new tools to increase access and awareness of job opportunities in rural schools, elevate the stories of rural communities, and provide a set of retention resources tailored for specific rural regions.  This session is an opportunity to preview our ideas at an early stage and help us make them better!

Using a Design Thinking format, we will use this session to:

  • Gather Inspiration:  To inform our strategy, we want to know what matters in your context for recruiting and retaining teacher talent.
  • Generate Ideas:  We’ll use each other to generate new ideas that can be tested during our program design process.
  • Make Ideas Tangible:  By sharing some early prototypes of our current strategy, we’ll ask for your reactions and feedback.
  • Share the Story:  You’ll help us begin to craft a human story around the rural teacher experience that can inspire others toward action.

Your input and feedback is critically important, so please join us in designing this national effort to showcase the rural advantage of our nation's rural schools!

Presentation materials for download if you wish:

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