Emerging Rural Scholars Summit

Submission Guidelines for Lightning Talks
Proposal Deadline - April 30, 2018

All attendees of the Emerging Rural Scholars Summit are invited to present a Lightning Talk.  These talks are a way to quickly present your current work in rural education research to a friendly and supportive audience.  You do not have to present to attend, but it is highly recommended.  An important benefit of presenting is the opportunity to get tailored, positive feedback as you meet people throughout the day.  Each talk is capped at 5 minutes --there’s a challenge!  This is not the same as a formal, conference presentation and your Lightning Talk does not need to align with the ISFIRE Conference threads.  We encourage you to also submit a separate presentation proposal to the ISFIRE symposium at http://www.montana.edu/crre/isfire2018/call.html.

What is a Lightning Talk?

“Lightning Talks are a series (usually at least 4 - 5) of 5 minute talks/presentations by different speakers, each introducing a topic or idea very quickly. A set of Lightning Talks is an excellent way to rapidly and compellingly share information about diverse topics from several presenters, without overwhelming the absorptive capacity of the audience. They are very useful when you have many presenters but a short schedule.” UNICEF Knowledge Exchange https://www.unicef.org/knowledge-exchange/files/Lightning_Talks_production.pdf

At the Emerging Rural Scholar Summit, your Lightning Talk should:
  • Last no longer than 5 minutes
  • Can include PowerPoint slides (no other media formats) or consist of an engaging standalone speech
  • Introduce your rural research focus area; this does not have to be on completed work. You would be best served to present on something in-progress in order to take advantage of the advice and feedback.

How to submit a proposal:


Proposals are due April 30 (same day as the ISFIRE Presentation Proposal)


Your proposal should include the following:
  • Your name, position, school affiliation
  • Title of talk
  • Abstract of fewer than 250 words

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