Emergencies addressed by the Dean of Students Office may include a death in the family, a serious and/or debilitating medical condition, or any other life threatening circumstance beyond a student's control. 

The Office of the Dean of Students works with students experiencing medical or family emergencies and other crises.  If you need to leave immediately for personal or health reasons and are able, please first contact your instructors or academic department to notify them of your intended absence. Their information may be found on a course syllabus, provided at the beginning of the semester, or through the MSU Faculty/Staff directory, updated daily.

If you will be or have been gone longer than one week, you may also contact the Office of the Dean of Students at (406) 994-2826 to make an appointment to discuss your options.  Please note that the Dean of Students cannot excuse you from classes or coursework; it remains your responsibility to communicate with professors to make up any missed coursework.  We can, however, offer you support during times of personal hardship and encourage professors to work with you to make up any missed work.  We also can help connect you to the Student Health Center for medical assistance, the University Police if you have been a victim of a crime, or the VOICE Center if you have been the victim of sexual assault.