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Expanding Horizons

A Native American Mentoring Program

Remember that middle school math teacher (maybe it was a high school English teacher) who believed in you, encouraged you, and pushed you to try a little harder in your academic pursuits? Maybe it was your basketball coach who helped you see how much you were capable of if you just put your mind to it. Coming to a new place can be both exciting and scary. We want to help introduce you to some of the great resources that are available to our students because when you sign up to come here we want you to walk across that stage in four years knowing that you've accomplished what you came here to do. We also want to help you establish a network of people that you can turn to for advice, guidance and sometimes, just to take a break from your daily routine.

How does it work?

You can either complete the application electronically, or print it and send it back to us. We will review our applications and pair participants with a faculty or staff mentor. While we don't have minimum requirements for applicants, space is limited to 25 participants.

Confirm your participation
Once we pair you with a mentor, you will receive a confirmation from us, as well as an information packet outlining the program schedule and events, and asking you to confirm that you are going to be part of the program for the year.

Meet your mentor
When you get to campus, you'll have the opportunity to meet your mentor before we get started with the monthly meetings. Mentors are faculty and staff from across campus who have volunteered to be part of this program because they want to help students succeed at MSU. (And don't worry, they have to apply too!)

Meet other new students
Our first meeting will take place the week before school starts, after move in day. It will be a low key, fun opportunity for you to meet the other participants in the program. We'll also go over the calendar for the fall, and get you all set to start the semester!

Attend a retreat
On Saturday September 21 we will be holding a day long retreat that will be a combination of skill building, leadership activities, goal setting. This is required as part of the program, so make sure that you mark your calendars early.

Attend the meetings
The program is based on monthly meetings that participants and mentors attend. Each month, participants will attend 3 meetings, as well as touching base with the peer leaders.

Group Workshops
Once a month, we come together as a group and participate in a resource workshop, connecting you with resources for students so that you can connect with support services and opportunities available across campus to make you a more successful student!

Group Social
We recognize that an important part of your college experience is to get away from the academics and focus on getting out, being part of the community and having fun. This part of the program is a great opportunity to get to know the other members of the Expanding Horizons cohort and take advantage of some of the great opportunities in the Bozeman area.

Mentor Meeting
You and your mentor will establish a meeting schedule that works for the both of you. Times and locations are things that you will decide together. There should be a minimum of 1 mentor meeting per month, but you can meet as often as you both decide works.

Get Bobcat gear and reap the benefits!
In addition to being plugged into opportunities and resources to help make your first year successful, the program comes with perks. We'll get you set up with some Bobcat goodies and have opportunities to earn more throughout the year. Throughout the year, you will get to know your cohort of Expanding Horizons participants, your mentor, as well as getting to know the campus and Bozeman communities. We will walk you through services and processes that play an important to being a successful student, and give you the opportunity to ask questions and get help when you need it. As you go through your first year, you'll see your independence, confidence, and knowledge grow - all big steps to being a successful student!

Peer Leaders
Each month, you will have a check-in with two peer leaders for the program, which is an opportunity to ask questions and get advice from a second year student. Both peer leaders completed Expanding Horizons last year, so they can share their experiences and insights about transitioning to MSU and tips on how to get involved.

**Commitment to the Program**
When you are signing up, you are making a commitment. Your commitment to the program is through the academic year. We've partnered with offices and departments across campus to give you gradual exposure to tools that will help you be a successful student and make MSU your home for the duration of your college experience. We ask that when you sign up, you understand the length of your commitment, to the program, to yourself and to your mentor. We understand that sometimes a lab or a class may get in the way of attending some of the meetings, and we're willing to work with that. If something comes up, let us know and we'll figure out how to make it work together.