The Cole-Tierney Award winner is chosen by a committee of MSU students, faculty, and staff. The committee awards the scholarship to an MSU student of African-American heritage who merits scholarship assistance. At minimum, the selection process shall evaluate candidates on the basis of achievement, leadership, citizenship and involvement in extra-curricular activities. Other evaluative criteria may be applied in order to achieve the donors' intent to support the successful completion of students' educational goals. Nominations can be submitted by students, faculty, staff, university departments, and units. Nominators must complete a brief application for further consideration and must be able to demonstrate ways the nominee has instilled the value of leadership and service in others.

Award Criteria:

Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Leadership: Recognizing individuals who are leaders though influence and example, inspiring those around them and contributing to their communities and the university. Candidate utilizes his/her ability to guide and motivate a group of people to a common purpose.
  • Service: Volunteering time and resources to benefit a community or its institutions.
  • Citizenship: Candidate has made important contributions that benefit the entire university community. Their work has transcended organizational boundaries. They have fostered cooperation and collaboration between the University and its constituents to better serve the campus community. These individuals have committed their time and energy to working with others to improve and enhance Montana State University as a whole.

Instructions for Submitting Nominations:

  • This award will not be awarded in 2018.
  • Complete and submit a Cole-Tierney Award NOMINATION FORM.  Please use a separate Nomination Form for each nominee.
  • In one page or less, address the contributions of the nominee in the areas of service, leadership, and citizenship.
  • Make sure that the contact information is accurate and complete.

If you have questions about the Diversity Awards, please contact Ariel Donohue at 994-5801 or