Montana State University

LGBTQ Advisory Committee

The LGBTQ Advisory Committee is comprised of students, faculty, and staff at Montana State University with a vested commitment to LGBTQ rights and issues. The committee strives to represent the diversity of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer communities at community, state, and national levels. The committee provides assistance and advice to campus offices and organizations regarding LGBTQ issues including discrimination, student support, visibility, and education.

In an effort to address issues that the LGBTQ community face on campus, an advisory committee was convened during the 2011-2012 academic year to help advise the university to areas where more support services are desired and needed on campus. The committee met several times through out the summer to determine what kind of work could be done towards eventually making a case for an LGBTQ center at MSU. The committee currently meets every other week to assess the progress of goals, working outside of the meetings towards both long and short term priorities.

The LGBTQ Advisory Committee:

  1. Strives to help create and maintain a campus climate that provides respect, safety, and support for every person’s sexual orientation and gender identity through working to eliminate homophobia and heterosexism from the MSU community.
  2. Believes that every member of the MSU community deserves and needs support to be able to achieve his/her greatest potential. This support should not be limited based on one’s sexual orientation and/or gender identity.
  3. Will continue to examine the needs of the LGBTQ population at MSU so that these individuals have access to the best possible environment and resources.

The committee’s short-term goals for the 2012-2013 academic year were:

  1. Use the established climate survey and research at MSU combined with further research to determine the best practices for LGBTQ student support at peer institutions and the needs at MSU.
  2. Provide visible pro-LGBTQ rights activism opportunities for the MSU community.
  3. Lobby Residence Life on behalf of LGBTQ residents in the dorms for clarified and enforced anti-hazing policy and potential addition of “LGBTQ-friendly” as an indicator on roommate pairing surveys.
  4. Work cooperatively and collaboratively with departments and offices across campus to promote the message and mission of the group.
  5. Recruit students to be active members of this committee as well as of Tell3 and Safe Zone in order to create, continue, and revitalize the campus presence of such groups.
  6. Work to establish a resource center for LGBTQ people and their allies; this could provide counseling, house a hotline, and develop educational and social events. Logistics such as funding, space, staffing, etc. should be looked into.

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