India Night

India Night is a celebration of the Indian Festival of Lights. Attendees get a cultural experiences of India, including authentic Indian Food cooked by our own Indian Community, cultural performances, dance, and drama. 

To explore this past years event please visit the Indian Students Association home page. 


Have you ever been hungry and unsure of where your next meal was coming from? Unfortunately for many Montana families, this is the harsh reality. In order to better serve these families in our community, the Muslim Student Association held its 6th annual Fast-A-Thon on February 4, 2015. The purpose of this was to experience a day without food as well as to raise money for the Gallatin Valley Food Bank.

Everyone involved met to break the fast together with a community meal. The Fast-a-Thon event featured a video concerning the Gallatin Valley Food Bank and hunger, as well as a round-table discussion on the issue of hunger in our city and how we can combat it. Last year, the Indian Student Association's Fast-A-Thon event raised over $3,500 for the food bank. 

Coming OUT Drag Show and Dance

In celebration of Coming Out Day, the Queer-Straight Alliance (QSA) of MSU organizes this event. As kings and queens strut their stuff up and down the walk way, one is bound to have a night filled with high heels and plenty of glitter. The show is immediately followed by a dance. 

AIC Annual Powwow

Every year, the American Indian Council hosts an annual powwow at MSU. The events of the powwow include grand entries, Men's and Women's Golden Age dancing to Tiny Tot dancing, and specials put on by private and separate family sponsors. This event is a chance for the public to experience the dancing traditions of Native Americans. This event also includes vendors selling items of Native American influence and culture. There will also be opportunity to purchase food, such as Indian tacos.  

Chinese New Year

The A.C.E. Language Institute & Chinese Culture Club present a party to celebrate the 2015 Chinese Lunar New Year & the year of the sheep.

Transgender Day of Remembrance

During the month of November Transgender MSU (TMSU) hosts Transgender Day of Remembrance. Although social acceptance for transgender people is growing, parents continue to abandon youth with gender-identity issues when their children need them most, advocates say. 49 percent of transgender people attempt suicide. Transgender youth account for 18 percent of homeless people in cities such as Chicago, but researchers estimate fewer than 1 in 1,000 people is transgender. 1 in 12 transgender people in America is murdered. Transgender youth whose parents pressure them to conform to their anatomical gender report higher levels of depression, illegal drug use, suicide attempts and unsafe sex than peers who receive little or no pressure from parents.This day is used to remember those who we have lost in the fight for transgender acceptance and equality.