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Robert Carson
412 Reid Hall
Montana State University
Bozeman, MT 59717-2880

Personal Statement

Thank you for taking a moment to check out this web site. Its primary purpose is to inform prospective students on the kinds of professional interests I have that may serve as a resource, and perhaps to shed light on some areas of interest that we may hold in common.

My area of expertise is known as the “Foundations of Education.” We study education through the lenses of psychology, philosophy, history, sociology, and anthropology. From these various disciplines, as we focus them specifically on issues related to education, the field derives ‘educational psychology,’ ‘history & philosophy of education,’ and ‘social foundations.’ Anthropology, applied to education, yields comparative studies, cross-cultural studies, some aspects of multicultural education, as well as naturalistic and qualitative methods of working with various groups of people to gain shared understandings of the nature, purposes, and effects of education and schooling. MORE

Additional Links


  • EDCI 208 Educational Psychology
  • EDCI 469 School & Society
  • EDCI 508 Advanced Educational Psychology
  • EDCI 541 History & Philosophy of Education
  • EDCI 552 Human Development and the Psychology of Learning (NPTT online course)
  • EDCI 559 Internship II: Equity, Special Needs, Diversity (NPTT course)
  • EDCI 564 Portfolio Capstone
  • UH 201 University Honors -- Texts & Critics. (Fall 1997)
  • Also developed EDCI 552, 553 and 557 for NPTT program

Research and Scholarship

My own research and scholarship has given me occasion to try to reconstruct how human beings, emerging from the last ice age over twelve thousand years ago, managed to transform their minds, their cultures, and their societies through a series of innovations, adaptations, discoveries and other advances or changes in the technologies of thought and of labor.

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