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FY2018 EHHD Grant Activity Summary

College of Education, Health and Human Development FY2018 Expenditures 
Department of Education $1,773,801
Department of Health and Human Development  $2,567,752

Total College of EHHD Expenditures



FY2018 EHHD Grant Submissions by Faculty
Department of Education * $7,899,659
Department of Health and Human Development * 12,016,736
Department of Education ** $15,325,301
Department of Health and Human Development ** $16,581,522

 **including partnerships where another department's faculty leads the grant

FY2018 EHHD Grant Awards by Department**
Department of Education $3,506,410
Department of Health and Human Development $5,397,133


FY2018 EHHD Grant Awards by Department**
Department of Education $4,068,364
Department of Health and Human Development $5,846,191


FY2017 EHHD Grant Success Rate
Department of Education 44%
Department of Health and Human Development 50%


FY2018 Submitted Grants that Remain Pending**
Department of Education $0
Department of Health and Human Development $632,960


Current Grants (does include funds awarded to faculty through another department; does include awards of proposals submitted in a prior FY)

College of EHHD Currently Funded Projects

Principal Investigator Agency Grant Title End Date
Total Award
Kaminski, Katherine Southern Poverty Law Center, Teaching Tolerance Educator Grants


College of EHHD Unit Total Current Grant Funding 


Department of Education Currently Funded Projects

Principal Investigator Agency Grant Title End Date
Total Award
Carjuzaa, Jioanna with Janelle Rasmussen (PI - OIP) International Research & Exchange Board Teaching Excellence & Achievement (TEA) Program 


Carjuzaa, Jioanna; Ruff, Bill;Henderson, David US Dept. of Education, OELA Professional Development for Teachers of English Language Learners
Carson, Robert with Gaub, Le DOD/OPI Northwest Troops to Teachers
Downey, Jayne MSU VPRED/Scholarship & Creativity Awards Rural Lessons: Early Career Teachers in Rural Contexts Share Advice for Teacher Preparation Programs, Professors, and Future Rural Teachers 6/30/2019
Downey, Jayne MSU VPRED/Research Expansion Funds Awards Building Capacity, Collaboration, and Innovation in Rural Education Research and Practice 
Downey, Jayne with Seifert, Tricia and Johnson, Ralph (PI - Architecture) MSU VPRED/Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences Awards Prototype Housing for Rural School Districts
Downey, Jayne Office of Public Instruction  Writing Instruction in Montana Middle Schools
Downey, Jayne MSU Provost FEG Program  
Ellsworth, Ann MSU Provost FEG Program  
Hammack, Rebekah with Lux, Nicholas NSF "Looks Like Me": Leveraging Funds of Identity to Enhance STEM Career Pursuits in Rural/Reservation Communities
Hughes, Bryce with Shannon Willoughby (PI - Physics) NSF Research Traineeships Nelson Story STEM Fellowship Project
Hughes, Bryce with Schell, William (PI - MIE) NSF The Formation of Undergraduate Engineers as Engineering Leaders

Kalonde, Gilbert with Mukhopadhyay, Jaya (PI - Architecture)

American Society of Heating Refrigeration & A.C. Engineers Training Requirements for Sustainable High Performance Building Operations

Lux, Nicholas with Hughes, Bryce

NSF Minecraft-Based Middle Grades Spatial Skills Learning

Lux, Nicholaswith Paul Gannon (PI - CBE)

NSF-RFE Design and Development: Diversifying Engineering via Identity-Congruent Education (DE-ICE)
Pennington, Sarah with Conger, Jeffrey (PI - Arts) MSU VPRED/Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences Awards Dyslexia and Innovation 6/30/2019
Ruff, Bill;Carjuzaa, Jioanna;Henderson, David US Dept. of Education, IEPD Indian Leadership Educationand Development: IV
Seifert, Tricia OCHE (from Washington Foundation) iGraduate Montana 2020: Gaming for College Knowledge in Ravalli County 6/30/2020
Seifert, Tricia  OCHE Developing College Knowledge through High Touch and Tech  6/1/2019
Seifert, Tricia with Schmitt-Wilson, Sarah OPI Collaborative for Continuous Improvement in Education: Montana GEMS Data and the K-16 Pathway
 Seifert, Tricia MSU Outreach & Engagement Awards  Gaming for College Success: Indigenizing College Transition Board Game   6/30/2019
Stanton, Christine MSU Faculty Excellence Grant Digital Storywork to Support Little Shell Language Revitalization


Stanton, Christine MSU VPRED/Scholarship & Creativity Awards  The Digital Storywork Partnership: Expanding Community-Led Research and Education  6/30/2019
Versland, Tena MSU Faculty Excellence Grant  


Windchief, Sweeney, with Karlene Hoo (PI - Graduate School) NSF: Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (S-STEM)   Pathways to Success for an Advanced Degree in Materials Science (PSADMS)  


 Windchief, Sweeney with Carrie Myers NSF Alliances for Graduate Education and the Professoriate  AGEP-T: Pacific Northwest Collaborative Opportunities for Success in Mentoring of Students (PNW-COSMOS) 


Windchief, Sweeney with Fasy, Brittany (PI - Computer Science) NSF Strategies: Improving the Pipeline for Native American Students Entering CS Via Storytelling
Windchief, Sweeney with Hoo, Karlene (PI - Graduate School) Sloane Foundation (via UM) Sloan Indigenous Grant Partnership

Education Total Current Funding 


Department of Health and Human Development Currently Funded Projects

Principal Investigator Agency Grant Title End Date
Total Award
Adams, Erik NIH/INBRE
Understanding and Treating Osteoarthritis in Montana Agricultural Workers
Sustainable Socio-economic, Ecological, and Technological Scenarios for Achieving Global Climate Stabilization Through Negative CO2 Emission Policies
Ahmed, Selena
Advancing Healthy and Sustainable Diets for All through a Social Media and Nutrition Education Intervention on the Flathead Reservation of the Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes
Ahmed, Selena and Byker Shanks, Carmen
Advancing an Inclusive Food Systems Curriculum based on a Signature Pedagogy
Bailey, Sandra and Grocke, Michelle
USDA Rural Health & Safety
Educating and Empowering Aging Populations in Rural Montana about Opioid Misuse and Abuse
Bailey, Sandra and Grocke, Michelle
Rural Opioid Training Assistance Grant
Preparing Montana Extension to Address Mental Health in Non-clinical Settings
Montana Office of Public Instruction
Team Nutrition and Training 2016-2019
Montana Office of Public Instruction
2017-20 Montana Team Nutrition Training Grant
 Bark, Katie  Montana Office of Public Instruction  MT School Nutrition Assistance Program 2018-19
Bartz, Jody
MSU-Provost/Academic Technology & Outreach Special Education Teacher Preparation Online  6/30/2020
Bartz, Jody
MSU-Office of International Programs Mini-Globalization Special Education Teacher Preparation Curriculum 8/31/2019
Becker, James
New Balance Athletics, Inc. Biomechanics and Inflammatory Response to a Long Hilly Run in Running Footwear with Different Amounts of Cushioning 12/31/2019
$3,200 (in-kind equivalent)
Bird, Elizabeth National Park Service Tribal Preservation Program (via Fort Peck Tribes) Fort Peck Tribes Cultural Preservation through Story Telling Media
Bird, Elizabeth with PI Michael Everts (Architecture) National Endowment for the Arts Public Architecture for Cultural Sharing: Creating Story Pole Installations for a Fort Peck Indian Reservation Buffalo Trail
Bird, Elizabeth with Lux, Christine Montana Community Foundation A Head Start Buffalo People Curriculum Proposal
Byker Shanks, Carmen NIH/CAIRHE Unprocessing the Food Environment: The Efficacy and Effectiveness of Minimally Processed Diets on Human Health
Decker, Kalli MSU-Scholarship & Creativity Parents' Experiences of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy: Investigating the Perceptions of Services in Natural Environments 6/30/2020
Decker, Kalli NIH/INBRE Supporting Rural Montanan Children via Family-Centered Early Intervention



 Elliott, Anna; Koltz, Rebecca Montana Healthcare Foundation  Increasing Mental Health Access to Gallatin County 


Franklin, Katey Montana Mental Health Trust/Big Sky Youth Empowerment Program Addressing Co-Occurring Disorders in Adolescents Through Group Mentoring 5/20/2021
Professional Development Core
Improving Chronic Illness Management with the Apsaalooke Nation: The Baa Nnilah Project
Hill, Christy
Montana Milestones-Developmental Disabilities Program
USDA/NIFA REFU Fellowships
Research and Experiential Learning for Undergraduates in Agriculture, Food and Nutrition: From Lab to Table
Prevalence of Lactose Intolerance on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation
Early Care and Education Development
MT Preschool Development Financial Assistance
Kuo, Wan-Yuan Montana Dept. of Ag./SCBG
Establishing extrusion services to produce value-added specialty crops
Montana Dept. of Ag./SCBG
Product Development and Evaluation Resources and Infrastructure to Support Value-Added Specialty Crops
Lux, Christine
MSU-Provost/Academic Technology & Outreach
ECE&CS Online Program Development
Lux, Christine
Little Rangers Learning Center (AWB Foundation)
West Yellowstone Community Partnership: Early Childhood Teaching and Learning Through Innovative Service
Miles, Mary
MSU VPRED/Research Expansion Funds Awards
Metabolomic Profiles of Adults with Distinct Inflammatory Phenotypes and Identification of Foods that Promote a Low Inflammation Phenotype
NIH - AI/AN Center for Translational Research
Exploring feasibility of a pilot project to improve diabetes management for MT AI Communities - Development
USDA-AFRI Function and Efficacy of Nutrients
Determining the Gut Microbiota-dependant Impacts of Anthocyanin-rich Aronia Berries on Obese Individuals of Distinct Inflammatory Phenotypes
Miles, Mary and Kuo, Wan-Yuan
USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council Strategic dietary incorporation of lentils to improve metabolic health in individuals at risk for disease
NSF Arctic Social Sciences
Population Dynamics in Greenland - A Multi-Component, Mixed-Methods Study of Demographic Change in the Arctic
Rink, Elizabeth NIH “We are here now” - a multi-level, multi-component sexual and reproductive health intervention for American Indian youth
Roth, Aubree and Bark, Katie USDA via MDA Montana Farm to School Implementation



Roth, Aubree and Bark, Katie National Farm to School Network
Montana Farm to School Core Partnership
Roth, Aubree and Bark, Katie MT MDA Pulse Market Development Program
Montana Harvest of the Month Pulse Crops
Routh, Brianna and Bird, Elizabeth USDA/TCRGP via Fort Peck Community College Collaborative Research and Strategic Planning for Fort Peck Inter-Tribal Buffalo Treaty Implementation
Schure, Mark Montana Mental Health Settlement Trust
Tailoring an evidence-based Internet-based cognitive behavior therapy program for Montana adolescents.
Schure, Mark SAMHSA
Developing educational videos based on cognitive behavior therapy methods for Montana adolescents with comorbid conditions
Schure, Mark and Bailey, Sandy NIH/INBRE
Evaluation of a digital Cognitive Behavior Therapy program with rural Montanans
Montana Healthcare Foundation
Promotion and delivery of Thrive-Montana, an internet-delivered cognitive behavior therapy program



Schure, Mark
Thrive-Montana: A computerized Cognitive Behavior Therapy (cCBT) program to reduce depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation and behaviors for rural Montanans 
National Institutes of Health
Apsaalooke Health Literacy Project
Simond, Vanessa
Using the Community Readiness Model to develop a culturally centered intervention for promoting healthy relationships among Native American youth

HHD Total Current Funding 


College of EHHD Total Current Funding  



Pending Grants in the College of EHHD

College of EHHD Pending Grants

Principal Investigator Agency Grant Title End Date
Total Award

Department of Education Pending Grants

Principal Investigator Agency Grant Title End Date
Total Award

Brody, Michael; Reuer, Marcie

Pilot and Feasibility Study of a Virtual STEM Training and Mentoring Program to Broaden Participation and Deliver Skills Training for the Montana Science Olympiad

Dotson Davis, Lauren

A Trauma-Informed Approach for Positive Youth Development for Montana Students

Downey, Jayne with Elaine Westbrook

Girls in Rural Learn STEM (G.I.R.L.S.)

Ewbank, Ann with Seifert, Tricia and Downey, Jayne

US Dept of Education/ Teacher Quality Partnerships
Addressing Rural Recruitment and Retention in Montana

Hammack, Rebekah with Lux, Nicholas and Hartshorn, Anthony (PI - LRES)

NSF Student Advising, Nurturing, and Definition box (SANDbox) Project.


Hammack, Rebekah with Ahmed, Selena and Cornish, Jamie (PI-ATO)

NIH/SEPA My Home, My Health: Place-Based Public Health-Resources for Rural Educators



Hammack, Rebekah

NSF/ECR/BCSER Building Capacity for Conducting STEM Education Research in Rural Schools 12/31/2022

Hughes, Bryce

Spencer Foundation Why LGBQ Students Leave STEM Fields 6/30/2021

Hughes, Bryce with William Schell (PI-MIE)

NSF An S-STEM Program for Engineering Leadership Education and Development 4/30/2025
Luo, Fenqjen US Dept of Ed-Gifted & Talented Accelerating in Computing and Mathematics Education 8/31/2023
Myers, Carrie with Abigail Richards (PI-CBE) NSF      Research Initiation: Formation of Engineering Identity Through Near-Peer Interactions 8/31/2021
Stanton, Christine with Robert Petrone (PI - U-Missouri) Spencer Foundation (Lyle Spencer Research Awards to Transform Education) A Historical Trauma Rehab Center Disguised as a School: Indigenizing "Trauma-Informed" Approaches to Promote Success for Native Youth 12/31/2021
Stanton, Christine with Robert Petrone (PI - U-Missouri) William T. Grant Foundation A Historical Trauma Rehab Center Disguised as a School: Addressing Cultural-Historical Trauma for Academic Success among Indigenous Youth 12/31/2021

Education Total Pending Grants


Department of Health and Human Development Pending Grants

Principal Investigator Agency Grant Title End Date
Total Award
Ahmed, Selena and Ebel, Roland with Timothy Seipel (PI-LRES) USDA/NIFA-OREI The Future of Organic Farming in Drylands: A Farmers Perspective 9/30/2020
Bark, Katie with Carmen Byker Shanks, Molly Stenberg, Aubree Roth Montana OPI 2019 -2022 Team Nutrition Training Grant -Montana Cook Fresh Training Initiative


Becker, James and Monfort, Scott (PI-ME) NIH Elucidating the Spectrum and Clinical Relevance of Cognitive-Motor Interactions following Rehabilitation for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction 12/1/2021
Becker, James NCMRR Early Career Role of Intrinsic Foot Muscles Function in Etiology and Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis 12/1/2021
Becker, James Mountain West CTR-IN Does Strengthening the Feet Improve Mobility and Balance in Older Adults


Byker Shanks, Carmen NIH/CAIRHE Unprocessing the Food Environment: The Efficacy and Effectiveness of Minimally Processed Foods 08/31/2023

Decker, Kalli

NIH/INBRE Understanding Therapists’ Definitions/practices of and Challenges with Providing High-Quality Early Intervention Services in Rural Montana Using a CBPR Approach


Heil, Dan NIH via UM Generations Health Project: An integrated approach to promoting and sustaining healthhy lifestyles in rural children
Held, Suzanne with Coleen Trottier NIH AIAN-CTRP Evaluating Indigenous community member experiences of a chronic illness self-management program
Held, Suzanne with Vanessa Simonds, Christiane Parrish NIH AIAN-CTRP Building healthy relationships in the Apsaalooke Community
Hunts, Holly NIH/INBRE Prevalence of lactose intolerance on the Fort Peck Reservation
Hunts, Holly; Ed Dratz (PI-CBC) NIH/AIAN-CTR Nutritional support of Native American Children to Improve School Performance
 Kuo, Wan-Yuan with Rachel Leisso MDA Specialty Crop Block Grant  Supporting emerging needs in Montana small fruit production through research, education and market development  6/30/2022
Kuo, Wan-Yuan MSU CFE Instructional Innovation Combining Social Science and Science Approaches in Teaching Experimental Foods


Kuo, Wan-Yuan Foundation for Food & Ag Research Nomination for New Innovator in Food and Agriculture Research Award - A Community-Focused, Transdisciplinary Model of Food Product Innovation


McMilin, Colleen with Brianna Routh USDA-NIFA Caring for the People - Dietetic Scholars Program: Supporting American Indian and Alaska Native Students Pursuing a Career in Dietetics


Miles, Mary with McMilin, Colleen and Kuo, Wan-Yuan USDA-ARS Pulse Crop Health Initiative Gut microbiota dependent and independent impacts of dietary pulses on pre- and postprandial metabolism and inflammation in overweight/obese humans 


Miles, Mary NIH/AIAN-CTRP Matching Diabetes Management App Functions to CSKT Community Needs


Miles, Mary with McMilin, Colleen and Kuo, Wan-Yuan USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council Strategic dietary incorporation of pulse crops to improve metabolic health in individuals at risk for disease



Miles, Mary with  Kuo, Wan-Yuan and McMilin, Colleen  NIH A systems-level approach for disentangling complex interactions among the gut microbiome, anti-inflammatory food metabolomic signatures, and human inflammation phenotypes 6/30/2024
Roth, Aubree with Bark, Katie USDA/OPI Putting Down Roots: Strengthening Regional Farm to School Connections in Montana 6/30/2021
Schure, Mark William T Grant Foundation Dissemination & Implementation of a youth Internet-based cognitive behavior program 4/30/2025
Schure, Mark NIH/AIAN-CTRP  Daasachchuchik (‘Strong Heart’): Using cultural strengths to develop a trauma-informed program for improving the mental well-being of the Apsáalooke people  7/31/2020
Schure, Mark with Sandy Bailey AMB West Community Fund Development and testing of an innovative evidence-based and Internet-based cognitive behavior therapy program to reduce suicidal risk factors for Montana adolescents 6/30/2020

HHD Total Pending Grants  


College of EHHD Total Pending Grants


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