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FY2017 Grant Activity Summary

College of Education, Health and Human Development FY2017 Expenditures 
Dean's Office
Department of Education $658,160
Department of Health and Human Development  $3,204,291

Total College of EHHD Expenditures



FY2017 Grant Submissions by Faculty**
Department of Education $13,139,877
Department of Health and Human Development $4,154,767


FY2017 Grant Awards by Department**
Department of Education $3,158,168
Department of Health and Human Development $3,425,492


FY2017 Grant Awards by Department**
Department of Education $5,152,25
Department of Health and Human Development $3,560,780


FY2017 Grant Success Rate
Department of Education 35%
Department of Health and Human Development 51%


FY2017 Submitted Grants that Remain Pending**
Department of Education $0
Department of Health and Human Development $0


Current Grants

College of EHHD Currently Funded Projects

Principal Investigator Agency Grant Title End Date
Total Award
Kaminski, Katherine Southern Poverty Law Center, Teaching Tolerance Educator Grants


College of EHHD Unit Total Current Grant Funding 


Department of Education Currently Funded Projects

Principal Investigator Agency Grant Title End Date
Total Award
Carjuzaa, Jioanna MSU Provost Wanji Oyate (One Tribe) Education Cohort
Carjuzaa, Jioanna;Ruff, Bill;Henderson, David US Dept. of Education, OELA Professional Development for Teachers of English Language Learners
Carson, Robert with Gaub, Le DOD/OPI Lewis & Clark Region TTT
Downey, Jayne Office of Public Instruction Collaboration for Effective Educator Development, Accountability, and Reform Center
Downey, Jayne Office of Public Instruction  Writing Instructor in Montana Middle Schools
Hughes, Bryce with Shannon Willoughby (PI - Physics) NSF Research Traineeships Nelson Story STEM Fellowship Project
Hughes, Bryce with Schell, William (PI - MIE) NSF The Formation of Undergraduate Engineers as Engineering Leaders

Kalonde, Gilbert with Mukhopadhyay, Jaya (PI - Architecture)

American Society of Heating Refrigeration & A.C. Engineers Training Requirements for Sustainable High Performance Building Operations
Luo, Fenqjen OCHE Reasoning and Inquiry in Mathematics Education (RIME): A Professional Development Project to Promote Dual Enrollment Program

Lux, Nicholas with Hughes, Bryce

NSF Minecraft-Based Middle Grades Spatial Skills Learning

Lux, Nicholas with Hartshorn, Anthony (PI -LRES)

National Science Foundation Using Technology to Research After Class
Myers, Carrie, and Windchief, Sweeney,Hoo, Karlene (PI - Graduate School) NSF Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate AGEP-T: Pacific Northwest Collaborative Opportunities for Success in Mentoring of Students (PNW-COSMOS)
Ruff, Bill;Carjuzaa, Jioanna;Henderson, David US Dept. of Education, IEPD Indian Leadership Educationand Development: IV
Ruppel, Kristin (NAS) National Science Foundation Native Language and Learning Environmental Science in Contrasting Mountain Systems (Yellowstone Ecosystem, USA & Altai Mountain System, Russian Federation)
Seifert, Tricia with Schmitt-Wilson, Sarah OPI Collaborative for Continuous Improvement in Education: Montana GEMS Data and the K-16 Pathway
Versland, Tina with Downey, Jayne OCHE Title II Implementing an Induction Model for New Leaders in Montana's Schools
Waterton, Nigel and Tricia Seifert OCHE MSU Bozeman EDU 101 Hi Line Dual Enrollment
Windchief, Sweeney with Fasy, Brittany (PI - Computer Science) NSF Strategies: Improving the Pipeline for Native American Students Entering CS Via Storytelling
Windchief, Sweeney with Hoo, Karlene (PI - Graduate School) Sloane Foundation (via UM) Sloan Indigenous Grant Partnership

Education Total Current Funding 


Department of Health and Human Development Currently Funded Projects

Principal Investigator Agency Grant Title End Date
Total Award
Adams, Erik
Development of a Regenerative Medicine Study for Osteoarthritis in Montana Agricultural Workers
Enhancing Dietary Quality and Health Outcomes through a Multiple Phase Fruit and Vegetable Intervention for FDPIR Participants on the Flathead Reservation.
USGS Northeast Climate Science Center
Preparing Montana Extension to Address Mental Health in Non-clinical Settings
Montana Office of Public Instruction
Team Nutrition and Training 2016-2019
Montana Office of Public Instruction
2017-20 Montana Team Nutrition Training Grant
Montana Office of Public Instruction
Montana Office of Public Instruction
Montana School Wellness Coach Grant
Becker,  Jim NIH/ITHS Foot Strengthening as Medicine
Bird, Elizabeth National Park Service Tribal Preservation Program (via Fort Peck Tribes) Fort Peck Tribes Cultural Preservation through Story Telling Media
Bird, Elizabeth with Lux, Christine Montana Community Foundation A Head Start Buffalo People Curriculum Proposal
Byker Shanks, Carmen NIH/CAIRHE Promoting Dietary Quality at FDPIR through a Fruit & Vegetable Intervention
 Byker Shanks, Carmen Western SARE Examining, optimizing, and building capacity for Montana's local beef to school supply chain
Byker Shanks, Carmen; Bark, Katie, and Stenberg, Molly Cornell Center of Behavioral Economics in Child Nutrition Programs Small Grants Program Building Long-Term Strategies for Student Involvement in Smarter Lunchroom Design 
Decker, Kalli Ms. Jo Ann Eder Early Intervention Services Improvement Phase 2 Study



Decker, Kalli INBRE Supporting Health & Development of Rural Montanan Infants and Toddlers via Family-Centered Early Intervention: Therapists' Strenghts, Areas for Improvement, and Barriers



Professional Development Core
USDA/NIFA REFU Fellowships
Research and Experiential Learning for Undergraduates in Agriculture, Food and Nutrition: From Lab to Table
Teaching Tribal College Students to Carry Out and Develop Research Projects Using a Noninvasive Breath Tests for Lactose Intolerance and Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO).
MT Preschool Development-Workforce Development
MT Preschool Development-Workforce Financial Assistance
Early Childhood Scholarships and Incentives
MT Preschool Development-Workforce Financial Assistance
MT Preschool Development-Workforce Development


Montana Dept. of Ag./SCBG
NIH - AI/AN Center for Translational Research
Exploring feasibility of a pilot project to improve diabetes management for MT AI Communities - Development
USDA-AFRI Function and Efficacy of Nutrients
Determining the Gut Microbiota-dependant Impacts of Anthocyanin-rich Aronia Berries on Obese Individuals of Distinct Inflammatory Phenotypes
Miles, Mary and Sub-grant through PI Voyich-Kane, Jovanka (Microbiology and Immunology)
OCHE Research Enhancement Funding
One Medicine: Reducing the Impacts of Inflammatory and Infectious Diseases on Animal and Human Health
FPCC/AIHEC Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Project
NSF Arctic Social Sciences
Rink, Elizabeth;Miles, Mary with Yeoman, Carl (PI - Animal & Range Science)
NIH - AI/AN Center for Translational Research
Determining Psychological, Social, Behavioral, Environmental, and Biochemical Risk Factors And Rates Of Bacterial Vaginosis Among Assiniboine and Sioux Populations; An Important Explanatory Factor Potentially Underlying Elevated Rates of Reproductive & Obs 
Rink, Elizabeth and Adams, Alex
Roth, Aubree National Science Foundation
Montana Farm to School Core Partnership
Schure, Mark and Bailey, Sandy INBRE
Randomized control trial of a culturally adapted version of THRIVE, a computerized cognitive behavioral therapy (cCBT) program to treat depressive symptoms, syndromes, and disorders among rural Montanans
National Institutes of Health

HHD Total Current Funding 


College of EHHD Total Current Funding  



Pending Grants

College of EHHD Pending Grants

Principal Investigator Agency Grant Title End Date
Total Award

Department of Education Pending Grants

Principal Investigator Agency Grant Title End Date
Total Award

Brody, Michael; Maxwell, Bruce (PI - LRES)

NRT: Training the Next Generation of STEM Scholars to Face Global Environmental Challenges

Brody, Michael; Reuer, Marcie

Pilot and Feasibility Study of a Virtual STEM Training and Mentoring Program to Broaden Participation and Deliver Skills Training for the Montana Science Olympiad

Carson, Robert; Gaub, Le

Department of Defense
Northwest Troops to Teachers

Downey, Jayne with Ewbank, Ann;Versland, Tena

US Dept of Ed IES
National Research and Development Center-Improving Rural Education

Lux, Nicholas, Gannon, Paul (PI-CBE)

NSF-RFE Design and Development: Diversifying Engineering via Identity-Congruent Education (DE-ICE) 8/31/2021

Myers, Carrie Richards, Abigail (PI - CBE)

Research Initiation: A Capstone "Design" Intervention to Promote Engineering Identity Formation 

Seifert, Tricia

Lyle Spencer Foundation (with U.Iowa)
Downriver: The Long-Term Effects of College Experiences and Environments

Seifert, Tricia

Russell Sage Foundation
Higher Education's Shifting Influence on Social Inequality? Examining the Effects of Higher Education and Career & Quality of Life Outcomes across Two Decades

Stanton, Christine

NEH - Landmarks
Re-envisioning the Madison Buffalo Jump: Digital Storywork Institutes

Education Total Pending Grants


Department of Health and Human Development Pending Grants

Principal Investigator Agency Grant Title End Date
Total Award
Ahmed, Selena with Paul Story (PI - LRES) NSF/CNH The coupled relationship between growing season climate and land management in the northern Great Plains
Ahmed Selena NSF/CNH via Dartmouth Woody Perennial Crop System Dynamics in a Changing World
Ahmed, Selena with Byker Shanks, Carmen, and Stein, Mary USDA-HEC Advancing an Inclusive Food Systems Curriculum based on a Signature Pedagogy
Ahmed, Selena NSF/CAREER Eating and the Environment: Food-Energy-Water Interactions in the Upper Mekong River Basin of China 12/30/2022
Becker, Jim NIH/INBRE Tools for Identifying Risk Factors for Common Running Injuries 4/30/2019
Bird, Elizabeth with Everts, Michael (PI - Architecture) NEA Public Architecture for Cultural Sharing: Creating Story Pole Installations for a Fort Peck Indian Reservation Buffalo Trail 7/31/2020

Byker Shanks, Carmen

NIH/CAIRHE Unprocessing the Food Environment: The Efficacy and Effectiveness of Minimally Processed Foods


Decker, Kalli NIH/INBRE Supporting Rural Montanan Children via Family-Centered Early Intervention 4/30/2019
Elliott, Anna;Koltz, Rebecca Montana Healthcare Foundation Increasing Mental Health Access to Gallatin County
Hunts, Holly; Ruppel, Kristin (PI - NAS) Western SARE Building Internal Capacity for the Blackfeet Tribe Agricultural Resource Management Plan
Hunts, Holly NIH/INBRE Determining the prevalence of Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth and Lactose Intolerance among Fort Peck Indian Reservation citizens: A partnership between Fort Peck Community College and Montana State University
Kuo, Wan-Yuan;Kim, Sunny Montana Dept of Agriculture Pulse Crop Committee Does eco-friendly also matter? Strategic labeling to promote value-added Montana pulses among millennials in different USA regions 7/31/2019
Kuo, Wan-Yuan;Miles, Mary USA Dry Pea and Lentil Council Pasta Enriched with Whole or Dehulled Lentils – Interpreting the Sensory and Glycemic Properties from a Material Science Approach 6/30/2019
Kuo, Wan-Yuan Montana Dept of Agriculture - SCBG Establishing extrusion services to produce value-added specialty crops 9/29/2021
Kuo, Wan-Yuan with Türker, Mehmet Can USDA/Western SARE Grad student & producer Grants Developing chickpea-enriched pasta and promoting value-added agriculture from Montana Farms 4/30/2020
Miles, Mary; McMilin, Colleen; Byker Shanks, Carmen; Routh, Brianna NIH via UCSD Cardiopulmonary Disease in Rural America: the CARINA Study 12/31/2024
Miles, Mary;Kuo, Wan-Yuan USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council Strategic dietary incorporation of lentils to improve metabolic health in individuals at risk for disease 6/30/2019
Rink, Elizabeth NIH “We are here now” - a multi-level, multi-component sexual and reproductive health intervention for American Indian youth 4/30/2023
Roth, Aubree; Bark, Katie MT Pulse Market Development Program, MDA Montana Harvest of the Month Pulse Crops 6/30/2019
Schure, Mark NIH/INBRE Evaluation of a digital Cognitive Behavior Therapy program with rural Montanans 4/30/2019
Simonds, Vanessa NIH/NIMH Pilot via UWash. Using the Community Readiness Model to develop a culturally centered intervention for promoting healthy relationships among Native American youth 10/31/2018
Tarabochia, Dawn; Koltz, Rebecca NIH/INBRE Living well in later years 4/30/2019

HHD Total Pending Grants  


College of EHHD Total Pending Grants



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