The 2017-18 MTSO competition will be held on Tuesday November 21, 2017 at Montana State University.  We are calling it the 2017-18 MTSO to reflect the academic year, where the Montana state tournament is November 21, 2017 using Event Rules for the May 2018 National tournament.

Categories cover a range of science and technology areas:

Life, Personal & Social Science
Earth & Space Science
Technology & Engineering
Inquiry & Nature of Science


Division B Division C
Disease Detectives (food illness) Anatomy & Physiology (respiratory, digestive, immune)
Ecology (deserts, grasslands) Ecology (deserts, grasslands)
Meteorology Herpetology 
Solar System Astronomy 
Hovercraft Rocks & Minerals 
Optics Hovercraft 
Potions & Poisons Optics 
Crime Busters Forensics
Towers Materials Science
Wright Stuff Helicopters 
Roller Coaster Mission Possible 
Battery Buggy Mousetrap Vehicle 
Experimental Design Experimental Design 
Write It Do It Write It Do It