35th Montana Science Olympiad                                Tuesday, November 26, 2019  MTSO 2019

Congratulations to Montana Science Olympiad Winners!

Division C:   1st Place - Hamilton High School
                       2nd Place - Helena High School
                       3rd Place - Capital High School

Division B:   1st Place - Corvallis Middle School
2nd Place - Lewistown Junior High School
                       3rd Place - CR Anderson Middle School


Division C Small School: First Place -North Toole County High School

Division B Small School: First Place -  Absarokee Middle School

November 26, 2019 School Results for Division C

November 26, 2019 School Results for Division B 

Tuesday, November 26, 2019 - MSU’s Science Math Resource hosted the Montana Science Olympiad, where middle school and high school students from across the state competed in team and individual events that tested their knowledge of astronomy, anatomy, meteorology, chemistry, food science and engineering. Total 120 teams from 97 schools across Montana participated in the 35th annual event with the help of about 200 wonderful volunteers.

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                                         2019 SUMMER EVENTS                                        Montana State University Campus

                    Math Summer Camp  August 19 - 22                  

MathCampIn this four-day summer camp, our campers solved hundreds of challenging math problems not taught in the school curriculum, worked on interesting math puzzles and games, and get prepared for math contests such as American Mathematics Contests 8 (AMC 8) and 10 (AMC 10).

                           Montana Science Summer Institute &                                STEM Summit August 6 - 8

STEM Summit

Second Annual Science Summer Institute connected Classrooms to Careers- Pre-K through 12 educators and administrators as well as out-of-school time professionals.

STEM summit5A



MSU President Waded Cruzado was addressing the STEM summit participants. The summit was sponsored MSU Science Math Resource Center and Montana Afterschool Alliance.

Citizen Science and the Lewis & Clark Trail 

Educator WS

The Citizen Science and the Lewis & Clark Trail workshop was held on June 28. If you would like information about the projects and resources discussed, please contact Suzi Taylor with the MSU Science Math Resource Center at taylor@montana.edu