Mexico Summer 2015

This program will provide students with the opportunity to work with, teach, and learn from children, youth and adults who are in various stages of learning to speak, read and write English as an additional language. (Program Flyer)

New Independent Study Form

Interested in doing an Independent Study (IS) with an English faculty member? We have a new, more organized procedure for ISs.

Fall 2015 Registration Information

Advising for Pre-registration for Fall classes starts March 16th. As always, you will have a specific date and time when registration opens for you. Check the web registration timetable for your date and time.

You will need to meet with your English advisor in advance of your registration time in order to decide on classes and get your advisor code to register with. (If you can't remember who your advisor is, call the English office at 994-3768; they will be able to tell you.) Make an appointment with your advisor to meet in advance of your registration time; there will be an appointment sign-up sheet posted outside your advisor's office. Write your appointment day and time down, and don't miss it!

To prepare for your advising appointment, review the "Curricula Options" for your option (Writing, Lit, or Teaching) on the English website. Work up a list of your preferred English courses for Spring (making sure they are offered in Spring; you can click on the course number on the option page to find that out), along with any core courses you still need and would like to take and/or any other courses you are interested in (e.g., for a minor, personal interest, etc.) Doing this prep work will make your appointment go faster and more smoothly and will give you more time to talk with your advisor about anything else that's on your mind.