Welcome to the College of Letters & Science Montana State University!

The College of Letters & Science, the largest center for learning, teaching and research at Montana State University, offers students an excellent liberal arts education in nearly 50 majors and 25 minors. Within the four areas of the humanities, sciences, mathematics and social sciences, the college prepares students to respond to the complexities of the world and the rapid expansion of human knowledge.

Students learn to think critically, solve problems, communicate clearly, understand various disciplines and cultures, and develop the engagement that will make them life-long learners and leaders. Many of our faculty members are well known nationally and internationally for their contributions to their field. Because senior faculty members regularly teach undergraduate courses, students have the opportunity to work with truly distinguished teachers.

Additionally, faculty members in the College of Letters & Science have an impressive record for winning highly competitive national grants to support research and scholarship, with over $20 million in research grants last year. Undergraduates benefit from opportunities to work directly with faculty on original research and scholarship, an experience that is elsewhere often available only to graduate students.

Bozeman consistently ranks high on lists of towns - not just university towns - that offer the highest quality of life. Bozeman is known as a well-rounded place with light traffic, a robust economy, beautiful scenery, and clean air and water. Well-known as a hub for year-round outdoor recreation and adventures, Bozeman also offers cultural amenities such as a local symphony and ballet. Our setting in the Northern Rockies provides the perfect outdoor classroom and research lab for a variety of learning and research opportunities.