Ph.D. University of Utah, Salt Lake City 
Rhetoric and Composition


Office: Wilson 2-272
Phone: 406-994-5193

Office Hours: T 12:30-2:00

I earned my Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Composition from the University of Utah in 2004. I’m in my tenth year in the English Department at MSU and my fifth year as Director of Composition in MSU’s Core Writing Program. I teach several of the courses in the department’s broad-field Writing major, which I founded. (I leave teaching fiction and poetry to those who can actually write them, though!) I currently serve as Editor of Young Scholars in Writing, the national peer-reviewed journal of undergraduate research in rhetoric and writing studies. And I am co-author of Writing about Writing, now in its third edition. 

I’ve been teaching nonfiction writing of all kinds for nearly 20 years. Some of my current favorites to teach are WRIT 371 Digital Rhetorics and Multimodal Writing, WRIT 372 Science Writing, and WRIT 374 Magazine Editing and Production. As Director of Composition, I also teach our ENGL 505 Teaching Composition workshop for new graduate student instructors each fall. 

My research interests within Rhetoric & Composition (Writing Studies) include writing-about-writing (WAW) composition pedagogy, research pedagogy and undergraduate research, reading practices in screen-literate cultures, writing instructor preparation, and writing in the disciplines—which are all more closely related than they may first appear. (All hinge on assessing and shifting both individual and cultural conceptions of writing.) My preferred research methodologies include critical discourse analysis, corpus-based textual analysis, and observational process analysis. Examples of my recent research are linked below. 

I’m a techie-gearhead whose personal interests include music (listening, writing, and keys and guitar), A/V systems, technology, woodworking, cars, and boats. Like so many in Bozeman, I’m an outdoor kid, enjoying mountain biking, hiking and backpacking, skiing (nordic and alpine), snowshoeing, off-roading, and boating. 

Current Research Projects

Next Steps: New Directions for / in Writing about Writing. Edited collection (120,000 words, 55 contributors) co-edited with Barbara Bird, Moriah McCracken, and Jan Rieman. Contract with Utah State University Press. In peer review. 

CCCC Research Initiatve Grant: “Learning Transfer from Metacognition-Enhancing Writing-about-Writing FYC Courses: A Longitudinal Study.” (2015). 

Selected Publications



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