Ph.D. University of Utah, Salt Lake City
Rhetoric and Composition

Office: Wilson 2-272
Phone: 406-994-5193

Office Hours: M W 12:00-12:50; or by appointment

I earned my Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Composition from the University of Utah in 2004. I’m in my sixth year at MSUin the English Department and my first year as the department’s Director of Composition, supervising the university’s First-Year Writing Program (WRIT 101 and 201) and coordinating other writing endeavors including MSU’s W (writing) core, writing major and minor, and other writing initiatives across MSU.

I’ve been teaching nonfiction writing of all kinds for over 15 years, and I’ve developed both the Writing option in the English major and a number of its courses here at MSU. I regularly teach WRIT 101 College Writing I, WRIT 205 Introduction to Writing Studies, WRIT 326 Advanced Composition, WRIT 371 Digital Rhetorics and Multimodal Writing, WRIT 372 Science Writing, WRIT 429 Professional Writing, WRIT 494 Seminar in Research and Publication, and ENGL 530 graduate seminar in Writing Theory and Practice. I also coordinate the WRIT 498 internship requirement for the Writing major.

My research interests within Rhetoric & Composition (Writing Studies) include writing-about-writing (WAW) composition pedagogy, research pedagogy and undergraduate research, reading practices in screen-literate cultures, writing instructor preparation, and writing in the disciplines — which are all more closely related than they may first appear. (All hinge on assessing and shifting both individual and cultural conceptions of writing.) My preferred research methodologies include critical discourse analysis, corpus-based textual analysis, and observational process analysis. Examples of my recent research are listed below.

On and off the job, I’m a gearhead whose personal interests include music (listening, writing, and playing keyboards), A/V systems, technology, woodworking, and cars. Like so many in Bozeman, I’m an outdoor kid, enjoying mountain biking, hiking and backpacking, skiing (nordic and alpine), snowshoeing, and off-roading.

Selected Publications

Writing about Writing: A College Reader. 2e. With Elizabeth Wardle. Bedford/St. Martins: 2014.

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“Reimagining the Nature of FYC: Trends in Writing-about-Writing Pedagogies.” With Elizabeth Wardle. Exploring Composition Studies: Research, Scholarship, and Inquiry for the Twenty-First Century, ed. Kelly Ritter and Paul Kei Matsuda. Utah State University Press, 2012. 123-44.

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i-Cite: Visualizing Sources. (Interactive CD-ROM.) Bedford/St. Martin's, 2006.

Current Projects

Two textbook contracts with Bedford/St. Martins (one with my regular writing partner, Elizabeth Wardle), long-term research on scaling undergraduate research in the humanities and undergraduate research ethos, and advancing writing-about-writing pedagogy.


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