Ph.D. University of Washington
Discourse Analysis, Forensic Linguistics

Office: Wilson 2-269
Phone: 406-994-7139

Office Hours: M W 1:15-2:15 

My research and scholarship involves application of linguistic and discourse analytic methods to the language of the legal system. Recent work (see below) includes a discursive history of English trial advocacy advice texts, analysis of a police interrogation suspect’s radical reformulation of a custodial interview speech event, and a proposal for the application of pragmatic principles to the interpretation of the ABA rules of professional conduct.

At MSU, I teach courses in linguistics and rhetoric. 

Recent Work

Book Proposal Under Review

Flawed Assumptions and Corrupt Questions: The Language of Police Interrogation in Cases of False Confession [Oxford University Press]

Book in Print

2016   From Truth to Technique at Trial: A Discursive History of Advocacy Advice Texts. New York: Oxford UP.

Articles Under Review 

Discourse Processes in False Confession Contamination by Police Interrogators [International Journal of Speech, Language, and the Law]Presupposition as Investigator Certainty in a Police Interrogation [Discourse and Society]

Articles and Chapters in Print/Press

2018   The Discourse Structure of Blame Mitigation in a Coercive Police Interrogation. In Mason, Marianne and Frances Rock, eds., The Discourse of Police Interrogation [in press with University of Chicago Press]

2017   “The Discursive Construction of Blame Mitigation in a Case of False Confession.” Forthcoming in Mason, Marianne, and Frances Rock, eds., The Discourse of Police Investigation. Under contract with U Chicago P.

2016   “Non-Consent and Discursive Resistance: Radical Reformulation in a Post-Sting Police Interview.” In Ehrlich, Susan, Diana Eades, and Janet Ainsworth, eds., Coercion and Consent in the Legal Process: Linguistic and Discursive Perspectives. New York: Oxford UP.

2015   “Toward a Communicative Approach to Law- and Rule-Making.” In Solan, Lawrence M., Janet Ainsworth, and Roger W. Shuy, eds., Speaking of Language and Law: Conversations on the Work of Peter Tiersma. New York: Oxford UP.

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