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Ph.D. University of Rochester
Western American Literature

Office: Wilson 2-279
Phone: 406-994-5170

Office Hours: T R 9:30-10:30


A native Montanan, I received my B.A. in English from Montana State University in 1987. I then studied at The University of Rochester in upstate New York, where I received my M.A. and my Ph.D. I teach western American literature, American literature, literary theory, and memoir and autobiography studies.

Selected Recent Publications

Writing Together/Writing Apart: Collaboration in Western American Literature. University of Nebraska Press, 2002.

“‘At Odds’: Diaries, Memoirs, and the Illusion of the Authentic Westerner.” The Neglected West: Contemporary Approaches to Western American Literature. Amaia Ibarraran Bigalondo, David Rio Raigadas, Martin Simonson, eds. Portal Education: Spain, 2012: 21-37.

“As if the sky were one gigantic memory for us all: Louise Erdrich and Native American Authorship.” The Shadow of the Precursor. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK, 2012. 272-286.

“Lost Borders and Blurred Boundaries: Mary Austin as Storyteller.” American Women Short Story Writers: A Critical Collection. Julie Brown, ed. New York: Garland Press, 1995. 153-166. Reprinted in Short Story Criticism, Vol. 104, Detroit: Gale Group, November 2007. Reprinted inTwentieth Century Literature, Cenage Learning, Gale Group, 2011.

“Originator, Writer, Editor, Hack: Carolyn Keene and Changing Definitions of Authorship.” Nancy Drew and Her Sister Sleuths: Essays on the Fiction of Girl Detectives. Michael G. Cornelius, ed. McFarland Press, 2008. 33-46.


I am currently at work on a book on western Women’s memoirs. I’m generally bad at thinking of titles, so I’m keeping that under wraps for awhile.

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