Ph.D. Northeastern University, Boston

Office: Wilson 2-197
Phone: 406-994-3759

Office Hours:  M W F 9:00-10:00; T R 2:00-3:00

I attended the University of California at Santa Cruz, Southern Oregon University, Montana State University, and Northeastern University, where I received my PhD in 2009. My main literary interests are the poetry of James Merrill, Elizabeth Bishop, Derek Walcott, and Philip Larkin, considered from a Transatlantic perspective; the influence of modernist authors on these poets (Proust, Moore, Joyce, and Yeats, respectively); and the poetics of Merrill and Walcott in their postmodern epics, The Changing Light at Sandover and Omeros. In addition to these specialized interests, I also have a number of secondary interests, including but not limited to Dante, the nineteenth century French novel, Transcendentalism, African American literature, and jazz history.

I have recently published articles in Twentieth-Century Literature, Letterature d’America, and Religion and the Arts. I also published a creative non-fiction essay on Proust in the Southwest Review, review essays for Critical Studies in Improvisation and the British Wittgenstein Society, and have two book chapters coming out in the next year, one on Poetry magazine and the other on Brad Pitt. I am currently working on another essay on Proust, which I would like to turn into a book project, and am patiently awaiting the time when I will have the time to begin a series of articles and/or a book on the poets mentioned above, only one of whom (Bishop) had a chapter dedicated to her in my dissertation.

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