The idea of shared services arose from the OpenMSU initiative that aimed to analyze opportunities to share administrative functions, improve information sharing, training and operational efficiency across the university.  An initial phase of fiscal shared services, that consisted of three pilots, began in spring 2015.  The pilot groups each optimized ways to share basic administrative and financial services across their units, ultimately giving their departments the ability to focus more on services essential to their core mission. 

Based on the success of the initial pilot groups, a Fiscal Shared Services Task Force has been implemented to steward a full rollout to campus.  The task force was charged with creating a model which will provide the structural framework for fiscal shared services on campus. The task force agrees shared services should be "home grown" and driven from the department level to make certain that changes made are adding value to the departments.  With this goal in mind, the next step is to initiate a structured, open process to elicit feedback, suggestions, and ideas ensuring that the final configuration encapsulates both the needs of the staff performing the work as well as the needs of the end users relying on the fiscal information generated from Fiscal Shared Services.

Fiscal Shared Services Comment Form 

If you are interested in learning more about how Fiscal Shared Services might work for your department, please contact Laura Humberger at or (406) 994-4361.