Geoff joins the lab September 2017

Geoff Piland from the Bardeen Lab at UC Riverside joins the lab as a postdoctoral fellow. He'll be developing new ultrafast microscopies as part of work funded by the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation.

Ultrafast Excited-State Transport and Decay Dynamics in Cesium Lead Mixed Halide Perovskites June 2017

Casey's ACS Energy Letters paper is published. It describes ultrafast microscopy studies of the spatial and energetic dynamics of excited states in bulk CsPbBrI2.

Beckman Young Investigator May 2017

Erik is selected by the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation to be a Beckman Young Investigator. Release here

Transient absorption imaging of carrier dynamics in disordered semiconductors May 2017

Andy's SPIE DCS proceedings paper describing transient microscopy studies of lead halide perovskites is published.

Label-Free Saturated Structured Excitation Microscopy April 2017

Eric's invited paper developing nonlinear approaches to sub-50 nm far-field spatial resolution is published in a Superresolution Optical Microscopy special issue of Photonics.

Screened Charge Carrier Transport in Methylammonium Lead Halide Perovskite Thin Films February 2017

Andy's paper describing pump-probe microscopy measurements of single-crystal carrier transport in MAPbI3 was accepted by the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters.

Saranyan joins the lab January 2017

Saranyan Srinivasan Ragunath joins the lab. He'll be developing time-resolved photoluminescence techniques to study charge and phonon transport in collaboration with Stephen Sofie in mechanical enginneering.

Imaging theory of Structured Pump-Probe Microscopy September 2016

Eric's manuscript describing the theory underpinning structured pump-probe microscopy is accepted at Optics Express.

Super-resolution Structured Pump-Probe Microscopy March 2016

Eric's manuscript on super-resolution structured pump-probe microscopy is accepted at ACS Photonics.

Casey joins the lab October 2015

Casey Kennedy joins the lab to study charge and exciton transport in organic semiconductors.

MSU Foundation Award October 2015

Our group was awarded a seed grant to develop super-resolution stimulated Raman imaging.

CVD construction July 2015

Gunnar, Casey, and Kori built our CVD! First batch of nanowires are en route...

DOE Early Career Award May 2015

Our group is awarded an Early Career Award from the department of Energy to study charge dynamics in solution processed semiconductors. This work is already ongoing. Link to the release here

Summer Researchers May 2015

Gunnar Hilborn, Casey Kennedy, and Kori Smyser are joining the lab for the summer! They'll work on building an apparatus for chemical vapor deposition and developing practical blueprints to be published on this website.

Eric and Andy join the lab December 2014

Eric Massaro and Andy Hill join the lab. They'll study charge transport in disordered semiconductors with ultrafast microscopy